Happy New Year!

Here’s the last blog on New Year’s Day in Hobbit land.  The weather’s amazing and non of us want to leave after such an amazing trip. Daisy looks so well it’s all ridiculous to think about what she’s been through.  She’s scootered around Taupo, eaten pancakes in every town and played non stop. She has made some great new friends that she’ll keep in touch with and there are plenty of other trips to plan including a few Kiwi trips to soaking wet Shropshire I think. Harry’s been put to work on Wok’s farm with cattle herding and some sheep farming. We missed out on some ‘possum control’ but there’ll be other opportunities to come back and have another go.  I’ve had the most amazing time horse riding with Alastair and Emma with a very unglamorous wobble off into the river.  So, that’s it, we fly home later this evening and Daisy and pals are off for some last minute swimming. Very much looking forward now to going back to a new year, new start and building our new home.




17th Dec

Having an amazing time being on ‘stop’ although we’re missing the sunshine at the moment.  We took Daisy dolphin spotting for the day yesterday and went around the Bay of Islands from our base in Paihia which was just brilliant.  Poor Harry nearly lost his shorts boom netting which Daisy and crew thought was hilarious. So much so they’ve put a very unflattering pic of it on twitter.  We’re living on fish, ice cream, beer and great wine. 2 more sleeps then we start to head down to Lake Taupo via Auckland for a couple of nights then we’ll end up in Masterton with more pals for Christmas. Happy Days!








New Zealand

90 sleeps later we’ve arrived – in New Zealand!   I am suffering the loss of my mobile phone as I promised us we wouldn’t be in front of screens while we’re almost certainly in one of the most beautiful places in the world.   I am allowed a small amount of pc time so here I am. We arrived safely yesteray after a great flight and Daisy just loved it.  There was so much to do the plane; the new massive Emirates airbus is very impressive.  We were picked up by Harry’s long lost Cirencester pal, Wok, and we are now residing with his wonderful family on their farm in what can only be described as heaven x 2.  It’s as if we’ve gone back in time; everywhere is green, the sun’s shining, there’s the constant sound of billions of sheep, the bbq rules and we’ve been sleeping and sunbathing all day! Only another 24 sleeps of it.  We are in the hills overlooking Wahi and we’re off to explore tomorrow starting with the beach.  Daisy’s fitting in brilliantly with Wok and Pip’s kids and has had a brilliant time so far.  She swam for the first time today as well so we’re all chuffed at the timing as dolphins are on the list of things to do.   We’ll be back on the pc in a few days and will hopefully put some pics on as well.

MRI No. 2

We’ve had the all clear today!  We’re so relieved after what seemed like a very long wait.  Daisy’s really pleased with herself and is particularly chuffed after getting 3 distinctions yesterday in her English Speaking Board exam.  We can go on holiday now in peace and have a great time

Half Term

It feels like forever ago since I last wrote the blog but here we are 7 weeks on and it’s been a mix of a wonderful start to Moffats, a decision to move house in the New Year and a month long trip to New Zealand planned over Christmas.

Daisy’s hair is making a comeback but her baby teeth have almost all come out at once; tooth fairy is poor.  School has entirely changed family life, for a start we now have a routine again.  I had no idea I missed having one but it’s clear we all needed it.  She has made some great friends and the class is small so it’s all working well.  There have been moments where kids have made the obvious remarks about her short hair, in and out of school, but Daisy’s tough as old boots and puts everyone in their place when needed.  I have made myself available for anyone who needs a serious talking to but she doesn’t really need it.

It’s been difficult to switch off and let Daisy ‘go’ and get on with things.  School remark regularly that she is very physical and full of energy.  It is almost like having another child in that sense; before the illness she was often tired and was happy to go to bed early.  

Daisy has done and English Speaking Board exam and chose Bob, our enormous rodent as the topic for her talk.  She was so chuffed to take him into school and show him to her pals.  He actually stayed overnight in a warm room! 5 star accommodation!  We’ve renamed him Bob the Boarder.  Daisy’s started horse riding again and seems keen to take it up at school. She loves the new sports and is obviously thriving in her new domain.  

We had another 6 week check up at Shrewsbury and she’s gained a kilo in weight and her height ticks all their boxes.  We had another MRI last week and we’re now waiting for the right result again.  




London 2012

What a brilliant jolly!  Daisy’s energy levels didn’t let her down once throughout a 4 day break to London; we couldn’t have crammed in anything else.  We spent 2 nights with friends in Esher and took Daisy to Hamleys, went on the wheel, did piles of shopping, went on the river, saw some of Hampton Court Palace and did loads in between.  Harry then went home and I took Daisy down to Greenwich for the Paralympics which was superb.  We saw Natasha Baker in the Equestrian Freestyle event get gold and Daisy sang her first national anthem, did 6 mexican waves and stamped her feet with 10,000 others. She also held the Paralympic torch. Brilliant atmosphere and pretty awesome for everyone.