This blog is set up to provide information about Daisy.

It will be kept as up to date as possible, and also provides a mechanism for people to leave messages for her.




7 thoughts on “About

  1. To Sarah, Harry and Delightful Dasy!
    We will be thinking about you all tomorrow and send you Smiley Riley smiles. Daisy, Katie said it was lovely to see you today when you were saying hello to Samson! It looks like you had a fun weekend and I bet you loved seeing Father Christmas!
    Lots of love Debbie and family xxxx

  2. Hi Harry, Sarah and Daisy. What a fabulous idea this blog is! Glad to see that Santa came to see you all, hope he had some goodies? We have all been thinking of you this week and we hope all goes well. Regards Jane and Garth

  3. Hi sarah,Harry and Daisy,thinking of you all and sending our very best wishes.Great idea creating this blog.,happy to hear you had a visit from santa Daisy.
    love from Jodie,Tal,Maya and Marley xxxx

  4. to daisy can i tell you a joke to make you better why did the cow want to cross the road to get to the moooooooovies .how did you get my riddle right?i am missing you so much. i have something
    to make you laugh declan my brother was sitting on the radiator and leaned too hard and fell out.at school,Erin tripped over Finlay P and bashed her head on the wall and was bleeding.
    are you looking forward to christmas?I am.i hope to see you back at school soon. what is your teacher name called in the hospital? it is 15 more day to christmas lot of love jack mcgonigle.xxx

    • Hi Jack, Daisy has gone to bed but I told her you had sent her a message and she says she’s getting better and will be coming to some lessons at school very soon and she’s really looking forward to seeing you

  5. Dear Sarah and Harry, had a long chat with Jan and Keith last week. We want you to know that we are all thinking of you and Daisy and the boys send their love to you.
    This blog is amazing, take care of yourselves.
    Doug and Barbara

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