Happy New Year!

Here’s the last blog on New Year’s Day in Hobbit land.  The weather’s amazing and non of us want to leave after such an amazing trip. Daisy looks so well it’s all ridiculous to think about what she’s been through.  She’s scootered around Taupo, eaten pancakes in every town and played non stop. She has made some great new friends that she’ll keep in touch with and there are plenty of other trips to plan including a few Kiwi trips to soaking wet Shropshire I think. Harry’s been put to work on Wok’s farm with cattle herding and some sheep farming. We missed out on some ‘possum control’ but there’ll be other opportunities to come back and have another go.  I’ve had the most amazing time horse riding with Alastair and Emma with a very unglamorous wobble off into the river.  So, that’s it, we fly home later this evening and Daisy and pals are off for some last minute swimming. Very much looking forward now to going back to a new year, new start and building our new home.




5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you all. My wish for you all is a year of good health, love and happiness. Daisy you are looking amazing. Here’s to 2013 lots of love Angela xxx

  2. Happy New Year to the PItt family- Hobbitt land (hahaha!) sounds amazing! So glad you ve all enjoyed the trip so much. Here s to a happy/healthy 2013 and a beautiful new home. Moz luncheon awaits us asap. Big love from the Dockers XXX

  3. Welcome “Home ” and to a beautiful “New Year Day ” and very Best Wishes for a Healthy, Happy and exciting year ahead. Cant wait to hear ALL about over “There “….its amazing the think that much as we love wet soggy Shropshire….there IS a WHOLE big World out there, and you guys have been living it… see you soon for a Glass of chilled , I cant wait to learn about NZ and your amazing trip.
    LOL Sally Roger and Henry xxx

  4. Happy New Year! Glad to hear that you had a fab holiday and it looks like you’ve made some brilliant friends to Daisy. Hope to see you very soon, lots of love Alex and Vicky xxx

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