17th Dec

Having an amazing time being on ‘stop’ although we’re missing the sunshine at the moment.  We took Daisy dolphin spotting for the day yesterday and went around the Bay of Islands from our base in Paihia which was just brilliant.  Poor Harry nearly lost his shorts boom netting which Daisy and crew thought was hilarious. So much so they’ve put a very unflattering pic of it on twitter.  We’re living on fish, ice cream, beer and great wine. 2 more sleeps then we start to head down to Lake Taupo via Auckland for a couple of nights then we’ll end up in Masterton with more pals for Christmas. Happy Days!









4 thoughts on “17th Dec

  1. Lovely to hear from you guys, and sharing in your adventures! tell Harry, he will be glad to know , I dont know how to “do -twitter ” …!!!!….as well as putting a STOP on werreting and rushing.., Im glad to see you are also putting up a GO sign, going places, having fun, going out there, saying “Yes ” to life, and taking “time ” to reeeelax and enjoy with your freinds and each other.

  2. Love pic’s, great to see u all having a great time. Daisy especially looks amazing! :)) Have fab Christmas and new year! Love to u all especially my gorgeous God daughter and Georgia’s ‘God sister’. Xxx

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