New Zealand

90 sleeps later we’ve arrived – in New Zealand!   I am suffering the loss of my mobile phone as I promised us we wouldn’t be in front of screens while we’re almost certainly in one of the most beautiful places in the world.   I am allowed a small amount of pc time so here I am. We arrived safely yesteray after a great flight and Daisy just loved it.  There was so much to do the plane; the new massive Emirates airbus is very impressive.  We were picked up by Harry’s long lost Cirencester pal, Wok, and we are now residing with his wonderful family on their farm in what can only be described as heaven x 2.  It’s as if we’ve gone back in time; everywhere is green, the sun’s shining, there’s the constant sound of billions of sheep, the bbq rules and we’ve been sleeping and sunbathing all day! Only another 24 sleeps of it.  We are in the hills overlooking Wahi and we’re off to explore tomorrow starting with the beach.  Daisy’s fitting in brilliantly with Wok and Pip’s kids and has had a brilliant time so far.  She swam for the first time today as well so we’re all chuffed at the timing as dolphins are on the list of things to do.   We’ll be back on the pc in a few days and will hopefully put some pics on as well.

3 thoughts on “New Zealand

  1. Hi Guys !! cannot believe that you have “Arrived ” on the other side of the World, so quickly and in such “Style “…the Plane sounds Amazing !! so glad you all had a good trip, such an Adventure for Daisy, and for you all ! we had been wondering about you , so it was SO good to recieve this from you….. Reeeeelax… different “stuff “,…. and you may just all come back with a whole new outlook.
    Have an absolutely WONDERFUL time.My Father always says that New Zealand is the one country, after England, that he would like to live in,so will love to hear ALL about it, on your return.
    Love to you all
    Sally, Roger and Henry xxx

  2. Have a fantastic time it sounds absolutely perfect. My cousin and her family are also flying out to New Zealand this coming Saturday for 3 weeks, visiting her husbands sister and family who they’ve not seen for 10 years so all were very excited when we saw them the weekend.
    I look forward to hearing all about your adventures and seeing lots of photos. Wishing you all a wonderful time, a magical christmas and a fantastic 2013.

    Love from

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