1st Day at School

Daisy’s a very very happy girl today. She was so pleased to see some familiar faces and be welcomed by her new class mates. Fingers crossed she will have enough stamina for it all. We’ll take it a day at a time and see how she goes.


6 thoughts on “1st Day at School

  1. GREAT Piccy !! somebody looks very grown-up and happy,and Smart !…..obviously Mummy was expecting a growth spurt when she purchased your new uniform , that Dress is definately nearly down to your ankles !!!! it reminds me of when I first went to Grammar School, the Blazer was SO expensive in those days, for my Parents, they wanted it to ” Last “…and last it DID …it was SO big….it came down to my Knees ….and I was still wearing it in the 5th Form !!!!!!
    Have a GREAT time in your new school Daisy xx lots of Love and hey, Ive got you some butterfly notelets and pens for your Caravan, will give the to Mummy xx

  2. What an amazing day for you all! How exciting and a momentous moment! Hope Mummy and Daddy are enjoying a little relief from the pressure of the last months while you are off enjoying yourself with friends new and old

    Lots of love

    Vic & Chris xx

  3. Hi Daisy,

    Hope you have settled into new school. I bet you have made lots of new friends. You look very smart and happy in your new uniform. I love your caravan I can’t believe how it has been transformed. I imagine you are having great fun playing in it and showing it off to your friends. Hope Mummy and Dadddy are well. Say hello to them for me.

    Love from
    Miss Lewis

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