1st Day at School

Daisy’s a very very happy girl today. She was so pleased to see some familiar faces and be welcomed by her new class mates. Fingers crossed she will have enough stamina for it all. We’ll take it a day at a time and see how she goes.


London 2012

What a brilliant jolly!  Daisy’s energy levels didn’t let her down once throughout a 4 day break to London; we couldn’t have crammed in anything else.  We spent 2 nights with friends in Esher and took Daisy to Hamleys, went on the wheel, did piles of shopping, went on the river, saw some of Hampton Court Palace and did loads in between.  Harry then went home and I took Daisy down to Greenwich for the Paralympics which was superb.  We saw Natasha Baker in the Equestrian Freestyle event get gold and Daisy sang her first national anthem, did 6 mexican waves and stamped her feet with 10,000 others. She also held the Paralympic torch. Brilliant atmosphere and pretty awesome for everyone.