Starlight Wish

The caravan’s finally finished and was officially opened by Starlight today. Daisy and her pals had a tea party to celebrate and they all helped add the finishing touches to the interior with transfers, stickers and more lights.  It’s a total success and has been fun to make happen for Daisy. Despite the pinkness it’s a vast improvement from when it arrived and we’re hoping she’ll share it; it’s very cosy! 







3 thoughts on “Starlight Wish

  1. Hi Daisy. Just been catching up on mommys posts as missed them while we were away.

    It was fantastic to see the news that your first MRI was all clear!! Wonderful!! And it sounds like you’ve had a fab summer with all the things you’ve been up to. AND a very happy 7th birthday by the sounds of it.

    The caravan is looking FAB -U-LOUS!!! Has the paint come off Fidget? I think I missed somewhere along the lines what it’s for. But I’m guessing a den to give lots of children somewhere fun, comfy and happy to hang out?!

    Great to catch up on the news.

    Sue, Chris, Ben and Will.

  2. Any vacancies for the caravan! lol
    I’m so glad your carrying on the blog, it’s still nice to hear what Daisy, and family of course, are up to, and to hear that Daisy is doing all the things that little girls should be doing. So glad that things are back to normal. Hope the caravan sees lots of visitors and laughter. xx

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