August 24th

I’m aware now that blogging seems a bit pointless as there’s nothing medical to report but I now get texts, messages and emails asking for updates so for those of you who want to keep track of how Daisy’s doing  I’ve decided to carry on until the 12 month mark when we sincerely hope we’ll have a second all clear scan under our belt and she’ll be settled in at school.

Daisy’s energy levels are still very much on the up and apart from the odd lie-in she’s behaving like the average 7 year old. School is clearly much needed; vast amounts of discipline in particular! Weight is coming back along with hair. We’ve had lots of days out and spent the whole time outdoors as per Plan A. We’ve had a week of swimming lessons which she’s grinned throughout and wants to do nothing but be in a pool permanently.

.  Image

The caravan’s coming on and will be ready on Tuesday in time for Starlight’s Grand Opening. We’ve had a few weatherproofing issues but we’ve nearly achieved what she wished for.  Fidget helped with the painting yesterday and has painted herself in the process. After months away Alfie the Jack Russell is back from Hay House and Daisy is delighted.  He spends some of his time at Harry’s parents carrying out his role as Rat Manager and then comes back to his real home occasionally when he misses us. Sorry pics are all upside down; blog’s not brilliant!




Back to hospital next Thursday for a check up then after a 2 year delay and an unbearably long countdown in sleeps, Daisy will finally get to visit London for the first time where she plans to blow all her Birthday money in Hamleys, get on the London Eye and go on the river. I then get left behind for a couple of sleeps to go to the Paralympics, get in the shops and do what I like when I like. Awful.


3 thoughts on “August 24th

  1. Thanks for that Sarah , R and me were just wondering ” How are things ” and Daisy in particular xx.All sounds Brill and fun and thats what it should be, even if its raining !! which it has been for lots of the year so far !!, if we are alive and kicking, its GREAT, at least that is what my Father taught me, after the War, he was SO grateful to just be in one piece..he relied upon his Philosophy of ” yesterday is History, tomorrow a mystery, Enjoy Today ” to get him back on track…..he encouraged me to get up in the morning and breathe in the cool fresh air, he taught me to watch the sun rise, and, and to go out
    and look at the night sky and look at the Moon and the Stars and just marvel at our very existence…
    Anyway, back to today,its All sounding fun and more fun .Enjoy the rest of the summer hols and we will see you soon lots of love to you all S R and H xxx

    Ps… wish you and H had the same car for a while…I never know who is in what these days, ive been waving to ALL SORTS of starnge men, thinking its H…but ive stopped now after some very funny looks !! so if I dont wave, please dont be offended, I had to laugh this morning because Rsaid to me, I wonder how ” they ” are down there ( at Lake House ) and he said ” I saw Sarah in a blue Van this week with a baseball cap on “…..I just said….” No, no I dont think so… Sarah wouldnt ” do ” a blue van R, I think that you are mistaken !! not that there is anything wrong with Blue vans,!!! but if youve got a Cabriolet…..better GO….xxxxxx

  2. Hi

    Well that all sounds very cheerful indeed and the caravan looks amazing plus Fidget’s really grown!

    So sorry you will all be in London and I am now all the way over here but will be thinking of you having a wonderful time and seeing the sights plus a little “me-time” for Mummy sounds like a good plan with maybe a cocktail or two!

    I’m sure there’s not long before school now so hope you are enjoying the last sunny days of freedom before term time begins

    Love to you all as always

    Vic & Chris xx

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