Happy 7th Birthday Daisy!

We’ve just come back from hospital and have amazing news; Daisy’s first MRI is clear! We’re all just so pleased and celebrating! The medics are seriously impressed with her and thought she looked incredibly well. Daisy said she’s missed the nurses (think it was the huge Birthday present that swung it).She told them all about recent weeks’ activities; holidays with pals, caravans, a cinema Birthday party on the hottest day of the year and a little get together with her classmates. We’ve been staying up late, having sleepovers, going on walks, playing with Fidget in the paddling pool, riding Sampson, swimming in Aunty Claire’s new pool – v luxurious; rather like a very short holiday. Plenty more to plan and do. Work starts on the caravan den this weekend which is perfectly timed and Daisy’s now really excited about it now she can see what it’s all about. Onwards and upwards at last!


13 thoughts on “Happy 7th Birthday Daisy!

  1. Brilliant news! Just brilliant. Daisy have a lovely birthday and if you don’t mind I would like to steal our mummy tomorrow night! Come and play next week XXX

  2. Such fab news. Wish I could have seen you at auntie Claire’s but if you’re there again next week we could maybe come then. All so positive it’s brilliant xxx happy birthday x

  3. Fabulous, wonderful news. We are so pleased! Best Birthday news in the world. We have just got back from our hols so I will be over with your birthday pressie Daisy ASAP. Can’t wait to see you. Love you loads. Aunty suz, uncle rob and Christian Xxx

  4. Glad you had a lovely birthday Daisy, the weather was amazing to!!
    Hope to see you very soon
    love Alex and Vicky xxxx

  5. Fantastic news Daisy you are a truly amazing little angel. Hope you had a really brilliant birthday and enjoyed celebrating it with both family and friends. How exciting work is beginning on your caravan. Looking forward to seeing photos of the finished pink palace. How wonderful has the weather been Auntie Clare’s new pool sounds like great fun, enjoy the rest of the summer. Say hello to Mummy and Daddy too I hope they both are ok.
    Love from
    Miss Lewis

  6. Such GREAT news Daisy, and so good to see you with all your lovely Animal freinds, down ” on the Farm ” where you are most happy, mind you it sounds like you have been getting around a LOT, doing all sorts of othet ” fun ” things too, I cant wait to see this “Caravan ” for kids…it sounds GREAT….in fact everything sounds GREAT, which is absolutely Fantastic, you deserve it to be xxxxxxx
    Loads of love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    By the way, what happened to the tiny Pup that you had ? that was never Fidget in the piccy….was it ? …..Im not sure how igot this written, my ” mouse ” is having a bad hair day, and packed -up !!….i hope that you get this xx

  7. hey guys,
    WOW, that is really great news aboout , am so sorry that we have not posted anything in AGES, but (and this sounds a really lame excuse- but it is true) we have been really busy with all our leavers preperations for the end of year- and middle school! and then we have been at our nans for the last week (all of our holidays so far). sounds like you guys have had a great time, especially on daisy’s birthday, and we honestly hope that you will have a great time throughout the summer…not to mension how pleased we are that daisy is making such a fantastic recovery… she sounds (and certanly looks) alot better, and healthier, and we are both wishing heer the best, in the rest of her recovery.
    we are going to stay with granny and grandad sometime soon, and would love to see you all during our stay!
    love you all!!!! xxxxxxxxx
    love, us πŸ™‚

  8. What LOVELY news Sarah, Harry and Daisy! So glad to hear it and Happy Birthday too. We are going to be staying in Kinver next week for a week and would love to see you if you have a spare morning or afternoon to meet up! All love from us all xx Will and Holly and children xx

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