More Hols

We’ve had the best time with pals soaking up considerably more wine than sun. I’ve really never ever eaten and drunk so much. Daisy Emily and Adam had a great time on the beach despite the rain and we made full use of the spa. We’ve managed plenty of fish and chips plus daily ice cream. Daisy and I have moved onto holiday no.2 a bit further up the coast which is totally bizarre as we’re in the same place I holidayed as a child and not been here since i was 14. We’re feet from the beach again and Daisy loves it as much as me. Harry’s nerves brought on by spending a week in a static caravan has made him ill so he’s baled out by treating us to a hotel for a night and then sneaking off home to man the fort which is fair enough as we’ve had a wedding on. We’re watching the final and heading to the pub on foot if it goes to 4 sets.Everything in our caravan is amazing! I completely cooked us last night with the central heating. Haven’t experienced similar temperature since Kenya. Everything we need is within a few feet except Fidget and the others which we’re both missing terribly. Definitely bringing them here before the end of the summer! Just need a bit more sun, as ever.


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