Happy Days

The 120 sleep countdown’s over and here we are in sunny Wales – yes, sunny today. A year on since the last Mainwaring jolly and what an altered family we are. Daisy and the mini Mainwarings have been on the beach all afternoon in wetsuits digging vast holes in the sand, rock pooling, running through waves, playing rugby and having piles of fun. Brilliant pub round the corner, amazing views from the house; we’re all completely switched off already and none of us can quite believe its’ happening. Such a lot planned for the week; a Birthday for Harry on Wednesday which will no doubt be very dull and lacking in celebration, a full-on spa day for Clare and I tomorrow, cantering on the beach at some point hopefully, no cooking, planning, mithering or stress anywhere in sight. The men are golfing, the kids are happy and life is just brilliant. Noone would ever know!


7 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. Have a great time all of you. Enjoy your Spa day Sarah some much deserved time of relaxing and pampering.
    Enjoy your week.l
    Lots a love
    Angela xxx

  2. Great News for the Pitt family!! You have all had a rollercoaster ride, now its time to play!! We coud’nt be more happy for you all xxxx Wish Harry Happy Birthday from us, i am guessing the Champers could be out !! xx much Love

  3. Where is this place with ” Sun ” …??….its flipping freezing here in Shropshire, ive had to go and put my vest on !!!!!….and the heating….
    SO glad the sun has found you all, and sounds like the children are having a whale of a time,just what Daisy needs, doing what we all loved doing when we were little, not a digital gadget in sight !! BRILLIANT !!!!!! Have a GREAT time, reeeelax….,intoxicate on the sea air….oh alright…maybe just the odd glass or two of ” chilled “as well, and enjoy yourselves xxx
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Harry, for Wednesday, I hope the weather stays good xx

  4. Soooo wonderful to see you all having fun and you all so definatly deserve this special time having fun together, enjoy every minute. Spa sounds fab. Have a great Birthday Harry. Have a drink for us especially me as it’s not flowing in my direction at the moment. All our love Aunty Suz, Uncle Rob and Christian x

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