Class Visit

Daisy’s class came to visit today as part of their topic on animals and they had an amazing time running about, being chased by Fidget in the long grass, meeting the other dogs, exploring the caravan, grooming ponies, chatting over home made cakes (thank you; very nice) and practising jumps in the riding school (without horses)! It was all over very quickly and Daisy was sad when they all left so she went for a ride on her favourite pony Lady Jane. We’re looking forward to Sports Day next Wednesday and will pop in and see how everyone is.

(Sorry there are no pics on blog of all the kids today but need school to clear them first)



5 thoughts on “Class Visit

  1. Bess and i are taking part in our local race for life this weekend. We have emailed friends and family with the message below:
    Subject: PLEASE SPONSOR US!!
    Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 20:14:35 +0100
    Dear all,
    Bess and i are taking part in our local race for life and would like to raise some money for our little cousin daisy who is, herself, currently battling cancer.
    She is only 6, and has been fighting for almost a year, luckily, she seems to be coming off well, however she is- of course- still at risk. The worry that this has caused us, has made bess and i want to do this race even more as there is now someone close to our hearts who is at risk from this illness. We would both be extremely thankful of your support in helping us to raise money for cancer research so if you wish to donate a small amount of sponsorship then the link is below:
    P.S please forward this to anyone who you feel may wish to sponsor us, and is not on our contacts list …
    thanks loads for the support
    Bess and Lily x x x x

  2. Hi Daisy, Sarah and Harry,

    Thank you for a really lovely morning on Wednesday and how perfect was the weather. Daisy, your dogs are absolutely gorgrous and as for the 2 Ponies how adorable. Do hope they enjoyed being groomed by so many excitabke children

    • Me and my phone again should be excitable children. The caravan will be fabulous Daisy wants it has all been pinked and Princessed up for the most truly adorable Princess ever. It was great to see you running around and having fun with your friends.
      Thank you again for letting us visit I know the children loved it but so did I.
      Lots of love Daisy and to Mummy and Daddy too :)) xxx

  3. Hello

    Sorry to be so long between visits but it sounds as though things are really on the up now. Glad to hear the toffee vodka was put to good use.

    Looking forward to hearing all about holidays as we hit 106 degrees today!

    Love to you all

    Vic & Chris xx xx

  4. Daisy, your pony Lady Jane is very cute and glad to know that you are enjoying yourself, but the weather could be a little nicer for us, but never mind!
    hope to see you again very soon
    lots of love Alex and Vicky xxx

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