Blog Fixed!!

Can’t live without the blog, it’s been broken but fixed now I think!

Anyway, Daisy’s so much better already and has loads of energy. There are few signs of recent weeks which seems absurd considering the situation she was in. The line site’s healing fast, antibiotics finally finished on Monday and we go to clinic this afternoon. The world’s opened up suddenly to everything from going to the supermarket without worrying about germs to day long excursions. We went to the Green Cafe on the river in Ludlow on Tuesday with Grandma to feed the ducks and eat ice cream. The bride and groom (aka Jenny and Stu) came for a post-wedding dinner (late one that finished with toffee vodka; thank you Vic, I think). We’ve been training Fidget, playing in the new den, learning to ride our new bike. Thank you very much Lily and Bess for letting Daisy have your old one; she loves it. Daisy’s got nothing to wear at the moment as it’s 14 sleeps until holiday number 1 and she’s already packed. We’re taking a swimming noodle, float, mini surfboard, bike, tent and all the dogsImage



4 thoughts on “Blog Fixed!!

  1. So wonderful to hear the good news and you look wonderful Daisy! Hope to see you in the next week. I will get in touch with Mummy. Lots of love Aunty Suz x

  2. John and Mary are thinking of you all and relishing the chance you have to get away and enjoy yourselves. Even the weather is not so important but that doesn’t stop us hoping for sunshine for you. lots of Love

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