Big Day

Daisy’s lines are out! As ever BCH just dealt with us and we were processed and spat out within 4 hours; that’s including transport and a general anaesthetic. We’re now back at Shrewsbury for more antibiotics and hope to be home tomorrow night. Such a massive step in the right direction; swimming next week!!


5 thoughts on “Big Day

  1. GR8 News !! take it easy guys, walk first, then run, then you can do Anything xxxxxxxxx ive put in a request for some nice Pic-nic type weather, and i know just where to go, its a secret and a suprise Daisy, so let me know when you are feeling better, and we will make a day to go ( its not far, but its very Nice ) xx

  2. Brilliant news, moving forward everyday to some type of ‘normality’, dare I say so. Can’t wait to see you all hopefully very soon. Lots of love Aunty Sue, uncle rob and christian. Xxx

  3. dear daisy its tilly the jack russell here i have just heard your very good news and can’t wait to
    meet up with you again it means we can have a proper play and maybe i can meet fidget, please could you let jennie know when it would be a good time xxxx ps i’m so pleased you are better xxxx

  4. yipppeeee be gone horrible line. Love and biggest hugs to you all. Lets pray for some hot paddling pool weather x x xstods

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