Fri June 1st

Daisy’s much improved since last night.  The antibiotics are working and the pain is now at bay.  She’s managed to sleep for most of the night and has been up and about in the play area making Jubilee paper chains for the ward.  There’s bunting everywhere; it’s like Christmas all over again but in red white and blue.  Doc said this morning we’re definitely in until Monday which we’re all totally gutted about but also relieved knowing she’s actually got a proper chance of getting rid of the infection at long last.  As far as I’m concerned we stay until it’s gone.  She can’t understand why we’re back in hospital plugged in again and there’s nothing I can say to her other than we need to get mended, do as the docs say and watch DVDs until things improve. Target is neutraphils of 0.5 in order to get line out although I was told yesterday that a child in the last few weeks went for the same op, had anaesthetic and surgeons then decided not to operate for whatever reason so, as ever, it’s take a day at a time

Couldn’t get caravan pic on the blog on Wed but here it is; almighty eyesore but Daisy loves it. No idea what she’ll think when it’s blitzed with lights and painted pink.





3 thoughts on “Fri June 1st

  1. We are really sorry you are back in hospital. You are all amazing.Our fingers are crossed that Daisy is out on Monday and that the line can come out as planned.
    Lots of love
    Colin, Charlotte, Polly and Lara

  2. hey,
    it is great that daisy is feeling abit better today, and like you say, so what if you guys have to stay in hospital for a few more days, i mean, yeh it may become a bit boring at times, but at least daisy is getting the best care possible, and will almost certainly have shaken off that annoying bug by the time you are out! 🙂
    as always, best wishes, and LOADS of love
    lily,and bess
    PS hope all the ponies are doing well!

  3. Hi Sarah and Harry,
    I saw Bob Higgins last week, and was asking after Daisy, so he told me about your blog.
    So sorry to hear that you’ve had a setback, but we’re hoping that the the hospital sorts the bug out soon so that Daisy can come home.
    Our thoughts are with her and you.
    Very best wishes.
    Colin and Mary Wells

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