Happy Days

The 120 sleep countdown’s over and here we are in sunny Wales – yes, sunny today. A year on since the last Mainwaring jolly and what an altered family we are. Daisy and the mini Mainwarings have been on the beach all afternoon in wetsuits digging vast holes in the sand, rock pooling, running through waves, playing rugby and having piles of fun. Brilliant pub round the corner, amazing views from the house; we’re all completely switched off already and none of us can quite believe its’ happening. Such a lot planned for the week; a Birthday for Harry on Wednesday which will no doubt be very dull and lacking in celebration, a full-on spa day for Clare and I tomorrow, cantering on the beach at some point hopefully, no cooking, planning, mithering or stress anywhere in sight. The men are golfing, the kids are happy and life is just brilliant. Noone would ever know!


Class Visit

Daisy’s class came to visit today as part of their topic on animals and they had an amazing time running about, being chased by Fidget in the long grass, meeting the other dogs, exploring the caravan, grooming ponies, chatting over home made cakes (thank you; very nice) and practising jumps in the riding school (without horses)! It was all over very quickly and Daisy was sad when they all left so she went for a ride on her favourite pony Lady Jane. We’re looking forward to Sports Day next Wednesday and will pop in and see how everyone is.

(Sorry there are no pics on blog of all the kids today but need school to clear them first)


Blog Fixed!!

Can’t live without the blog, it’s been broken but fixed now I think!

Anyway, Daisy’s so much better already and has loads of energy. There are few signs of recent weeks which seems absurd considering the situation she was in. The line site’s healing fast, antibiotics finally finished on Monday and we go to clinic this afternoon. The world’s opened up suddenly to everything from going to the supermarket without worrying about germs to day long excursions. We went to the Green Cafe on the river in Ludlow on Tuesday with Grandma to feed the ducks and eat ice cream. The bride and groom (aka Jenny and Stu) came for a post-wedding dinner (late one that finished with toffee vodka; thank you Vic, I think). We’ve been training Fidget, playing in the new den, learning to ride our new bike. Thank you very much Lily and Bess for letting Daisy have your old one; she loves it. Daisy’s got nothing to wear at the moment as it’s 14 sleeps until holiday number 1 and she’s already packed. We’re taking a swimming noodle, float, mini surfboard, bike, tent and all the dogsImage


Big Day

Daisy’s lines are out! As ever BCH just dealt with us and we were processed and spat out within 4 hours; that’s including transport and a general anaesthetic. We’re now back at Shrewsbury for more antibiotics and hope to be home tomorrow night. Such a massive step in the right direction; swimming next week!!

Mon 4th June

Still here but there’s been a big improvement in Daisy this morning after docs decided to start a drug yesterday to stimulate the bone marrow. As a result we now have much needed neutraphils at an acceptable level. The infection is now under control and we go straight from here to Birmingham on Wednesday morning for the line to come out then return to Shrewsbury for an echocardiagram on Thursday. Once we’ve got through that we SHOULD get to go home lineless and medicationless.
For the first time, Daisy’s had a friend to play with on the ward who is the same age as her and this has made an enormous difference plus the fact Daisy’s managed to get unplugged for a couple of hours each afternoon so we’ve been off the ward to the garden.

Fri June 1st

Daisy’s much improved since last night.  The antibiotics are working and the pain is now at bay.  She’s managed to sleep for most of the night and has been up and about in the play area making Jubilee paper chains for the ward.  There’s bunting everywhere; it’s like Christmas all over again but in red white and blue.  Doc said this morning we’re definitely in until Monday which we’re all totally gutted about but also relieved knowing she’s actually got a proper chance of getting rid of the infection at long last.  As far as I’m concerned we stay until it’s gone.  She can’t understand why we’re back in hospital plugged in again and there’s nothing I can say to her other than we need to get mended, do as the docs say and watch DVDs until things improve. Target is neutraphils of 0.5 in order to get line out although I was told yesterday that a child in the last few weeks went for the same op, had anaesthetic and surgeons then decided not to operate for whatever reason so, as ever, it’s take a day at a time

Couldn’t get caravan pic on the blog on Wed but here it is; almighty eyesore but Daisy loves it. No idea what she’ll think when it’s blitzed with lights and painted pink.