In Again

Back in hospital, again, as the ongoing infection has quickly deteriorated. As predicted blood counts are rock bottom so more IV antibiotics for the next 3/4 days and a transfusion tonight are needed if we have any hope of getting to Birmingham next Wednesday to have the line out once and for all. Viscious circle in that we need the line but the line’s causing all the problems!! Stu and Jenny get married this weekend and our much anticipated 2 night jolly would appear to be off the menu. Docs say we should go as Daisy will be in the best place and it’s not likely things will get ‘critical’. So comforting.


2 thoughts on “In Again

  1. Hi all.
    Fingers crossed it all goes to plan to be able to have line out next week as it sounds like its just causing problems.

    Daisy – hows that puppy of yours? Ours is getting bigger by the day and today she’s decided to dig a nice big hole in the middle of our garden!!!
    Your new den sounds fab too! Mommy will have to put a picture on here for us to see!

    Big hugs.

  2. Sending lots of love and hugs. Really hope this latest course of antibiotics work and the line can come out next Wednesday.
    Take care all of you.
    Miss Lewis

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