May 29th

Daisy’s new private residence (caravan) arrived at the weekend; thank you to Sonja and Mark, again. First it was a caravan that became Arleyfest Box Office and now we have another that’s destined to be the best den in the world. We had some funny looks as we towed the filthy van through Bewdley, with ease after we remembered to tighten the wheel nuts (Mark)! The ‘girls only’ den has now safely arrived and is in the hoo-ha waiting for a serious makeover courtesy of the charity Starlight. It’s had a huge wash and spring clean and is being used purposefully; just needs some pals to put in it now.

Daisy’s off the antibiotics but the infection’s still rumbling (very well in herself). Bloods yesterday say we’ve got away with having another transfusion but the consultant decided yesterday that she may be able to have her lines out at Birmingham next Wednesday which means she may have a ‘top up’ beforehand. Such a significant event. She’ll be able to shower, bath, swim, have piggy backs and get back to being the 6 year old tomboy of 7 months ago.


3 thoughts on “May 29th

  1. Great news Daisy P! Looking forward to seeing the new den – we’ll bring Lily and Bess next week if that’s ok. They are very keen to see you. Lots of love from all of us xxx

  2. So Glad Daisy feeling OK…and infection hopefully on the wane xx ….and….on the Caravan front, did see a strange floral apparition being towed past, it looked very ” Flower Power ” and all that, and up- market Camping by the sound of it , absolutely MARVELLOUS Fun !!!! daisy, can I come and see it when I get back from Wales ? maybe we could have a cup of Tea in it ?
    See you soon , GOOD LUCK next week xx

  3. glad to know that you are ok cant wait to see you soon and maybe have a look at the new den!!!
    lots of love Alex and Vicky xxx

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