Finally, I’ve managed to get the opportunity to blog.

Saturday was a totally brilliant day; everyone, including Daisy, was calm and excited about finishing treatment.  All the staff, as ever, treat us as though it’s our rightful home and they were obviously so pleased for Daisy. The ward was unusually quiet and our Ward Manager allowed us to bring Fidget in as our room has doors into the garden.  Daisy was totally chuffed to see her.  Disney also paid a visit to the hospital and left a vast pile of presents for the kids before we left so another bonus. Since we’ve been home she’s had loads of energy and a brilliant appetite but the skin infection is still with us and antibiotics are carrying on at least until the end of the week. Clinic on Thursday will tell us what the next plan is if it hasn’t gone.  Hopefully they’ll take the line out and the infection with it but that’ll leave us with potential other issues so in the meantime we’ll keep taking the pills and sit in the sun.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. So happy to see a photo of the 3 of you together at home and to hear that the last few days have all been successful Fingers crossed for more good news on the beating of the infection and lots more sunny days ahead

    Vic & Chris xxxx

  2. Well that’s just wonderful news to hear, finished treatment :0) what a long journey you have all been on. Enjoy the sunshine and be thinking of you all Thursday take care Ju x

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