Home Tomorrow

Consultant says Daisy’s line infection is improving which means we can come home tomorrow! She’ll carry on with antibiotics for a week and then we will discuss having lines out, end of treatment MRI and our 5 year plan.  Such good news but not sinking in at all really. Various members of staff have been popping in to see us and remarking on how well Daisy’s doing – again  – she hasn’t stopped eating pancakes and pasta since we arrived.   There’ve been so many references to our ‘last one’ but it doesn’t seem right yet. Our consultant made it clear that although this stage is over, the next one is a long one. She has to regain her strength and stamina and readjust to being normal again. Home tuition will continue until the end of July and we will still have open access to the ward for another 6 months which is a huge relief.  Needless to say I can’t face going anywhere on holiday other than Wales so I know I can get sorted if we have an emergency. Her immune system supposedly takes between 3 and 6 months to recover and her hair will be back again by the time September arrives. We’ve got through the worst and now we’re at the end of treatment so from this point it’s onwards and upwards.  Holidays are booked and we’ve typed a huge list of things to do on the IPod, Daisy will be anything but bored as rehabilitation this summer will be on the beach come rain or shine. The wheeling chair’s being swapped for a funky buggy which means we can be out and about no matter what. Fidget’s making a VIP trip to hospital tomorrow as a special going home surprise. Oncology has its own little garden for the kids so maybe we’ll sneak her in.


13 thoughts on “Home Tomorrow

  1. So brilliant to hear all that. You’ve all done brilliant and are now inspiring other famillies to be as brave as you. Lovely news. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Em xxxx

  2. hello daisy and y mom and dad it is great news about you coming home enjoy the summer
    come rain or shine love jennie &chris xx allso tilly our jack russell xxx

  3. hi,
    great news, especially after the worries about daisy’s infected line!
    lots of love,
    lily and bess

  4. Wonderful news! Can’t wait to see you all, especially little Daisy. Let’s hope everything is all onwards, upwards and never looking back from now on. Love to you all Aunty Suz, Uncle Rob and Christian xxx

  5. Wow so pleased to hear such fantastic news. A summer on the beach in Wales come rain or shine sounds perfect love to Daisy, Sarah, Harry and all the family xxx

  6. We are sp pleased to hear that Daisy is doing so well.Hope you all have a fantastic holiday in Wales.We are going to Barmouth for a few days.If you feed the ducks in Arley again,pop in for a cuppa.I live in the School House,right beside the river!Jack would love to see Daisy!!Juliette,Declan and Jack xxx PS.Our phone number (01299)861812.

  7. Hi- BB has been down so only just received this great news! Well done all of you- you have all been amazing especially Daisy.

    Thank you for birthday card (v funny) can’t believe you had time/inclination!

    In new pad- come and see us when you are up to it or let me know if you want visitors.

    Love xxx the dockers

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