Last Chemo

We were supposed to start the last one today but Daisy’s line is infected and the antibiotics we had all last week haven’t shifted it. Consulant is very concerned about her line as if it comes out a new one will have to go in asap so we can administer chemo. He says to get her on IV antibiotics for the next 2 days and see if we can get on top of it. Her bloods weren’t up either so hopefully it’ll be enough time to get the green light for chemo on Wednesday. In the meantime we stay in and be monitored.


8 thoughts on “Last Chemo

  1. Must be frustrating for you guys to be so close to the end. Poor Daisy. Hope she recovers quickly and gets to finish Chemo for good! Lots and lots of love. xxx

  2. hi daisy hope things pick up for you soon when you are feeling better we will bring tilly over
    to see you and your dogs that should be fun!!!???xxxx

  3. So sorry to hear Daisy’s news really hope the iv antibiotics work quickly to clear up her infection and bring her bloods back up. Will say extra special prayers than usual for Daisy this week and for you Sarah and Harry as you help Daisy with her latest hurdle. What an amazing girl you are Daisy miss you every day at school and really must come and visit you once you are upto it. Your Daisy pins and bracelets are selling so well no more than I would expect. Debbie and Jayne are in great demand. It is wonderful walking around school seeing children and staff wearinthem they bring a smile to my face as tthey remind me

    • Sorry pressed post when shouldn’t and now can’t delete.

      They remind me of a truly amaxing, inspirstional

      • Done it again it’s my new phone Daisy bet you could show me how modern technology works. What I am trying to say is the Daisy bracelets and pins remind me of how truly amazing and inspirational you are Daisy. Keep fighting swrthesrt you are 1 in a from
        Miss Lewis xxxxxx

        Hooray finally made it to the end xxx

  4. Hello Sarah, Harry and Daisy xx
    Thought it had gone quiet xx Im sure the Docs will sort it out, they always seem to have something new to try, some new angle, Bless them, and they are definately ” doing their best ” as are all of you, if trial and effort gain you ponts , you should all be on the Winning side of it all, very soon.
    We are thinking about you all, espcially DP and we both send Love, and Henry.xxxxxxxx

  5. Hi Sarah, Harry and Daisy,

    So sorry about the infection, that is so unfair. If you are in hospital tomorrow we will pop and see you in the evening if that is okay. I was really hoping to have been over to see the puppy and have a cuddle or a romp! We still have not had the official wedding pics yet, they are due any day, when we get them and you are okay Daisy you must come over and see them all, we could have an afternoon tea maybe you could bring the puppy, and he can have a play with Ted, and Daisy, John has bought a caravan, great for playing in!
    Love to you all – John and Diana xxxxxx

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