Daisy had a better time throughout treatment this week and we came home on a jolly note with Grandma. Nausea’s taken over since we’ve been at home which is unusual but it’s fading now. Fidget was missed so much and has proved to be the best possible tonic and distraction. Thank you to the girls for walking and feeding our lot; much appreciated. The plan now is to be outside, infection free for the next 3 weeks and hopefully a bit of horse riding tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Been following all updates and thinking of you all, glad Daisy is starting to feel better now and Fidget is helping 🙂 Lots of love always xx

  2. So glad Daisys responded well,Bless her, she has got a lot to get on with, training puppies for a start !! Im sure she will be great at that too , as she has proved to be with every challenge so far !!
    we both send love to you all, xxx

    Ps Daisy, when you are up to it, please bring Fidget, to see us while she is still little, I want Roger to see her(, I have an alterior motive) !!!! …..

  3. Glad to hear that everything is doing ok, fingers crossed that the next 3 weeks will go well too 🙂
    luv us xxx

  4. Hi Daisy, hope your sickness goes and you get back to your well self soon. Fidget looks lovely, our mum says that we can’t have a dog as we have three cats already, one of them only has three legs!

    Love Cameron and Leo x

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