More of the same and Daisy Chains

We’re still here getting better. Nothing to report other than Daisy’s new drug that she takes before meals is doing a brilliant job and sorting out all the issues that were causing horrid problems. The puppy is just brilliant and is without doubt our mobile comfort blanket and is now totally settled by the Aga, on the chair, on the sofa, on the other dogs’ beds; wherever she’s just not allowed really.  Every time a new dog moves in the rules steadily get forgotten and our house gets steadily chewed.  Good job I just couldn’t care less. We had a fab time yesterday doing lots of ordinary things like some jobs at the barns, chatting to the cleaners and helping with the linen, coffee and huge chocolate muffin at Costa, a visit to one of the Dockers’ fine residences where Daisy met Hazel the guinea pig, 2 Bedlingtons and some frogspawn.

Deb Riley has had the parish knitting and crocheting Daisy bracelets and necklaces which are now turning into a real winner with everyone and she’s got an order book underway! Cancer Research is getting the proceeds. The daisy pin is £2 and bracelets £2.50. Get one, they’re really cool, from Debs:


Debbie memorably brought a French knitting doll for Daisy to do while we were in hospital and it was a brilliant idea only to find the crocheting hook was actually a lethal weapon that you’d never get on a plane with so she took it home, did it herself and hasn’t yet stopped.

Birmingham tomorrow for a kidney test followed by cinema and a surprise visit from a family member that Daisy knows nothing about.  Hopefully we’ll get some good weather at the weekend before we go in next week.


4 thoughts on “More of the same and Daisy Chains

  1. Hey Guys…
    Wow! I just spent the last hour taking in what has been happening to you over the last 5 months. Mum gave me the address to your blog yesterday otherwise I would have been in touch sooner. I am so pleased to see that Daisy is getting better and feeling better… you guys have been amazing. If you ever feel like a trip out to Cheltenham we would love to see you all.
    I will follow the progress and keep in touch I promise!
    Lots of love to you all, take care!
    Matt, Helly, Annie and George xx

  2. Hey! Hazel looks so funny on that photo- she must like Daisy as normally not very friendly.
    Great to see you both- can see our three girls causing as much trouble with each other as we did in our youth! Love the bracelets and pins and have just emailed Debbie. Hope scan OK today.
    See you soon lots of love Claire, Georgie and Mads xxx

  3. Hi hi Hope all went well today. Am sure the cinema trip was great fun. Hope you had pick and mix! Who was the surprise visitor??? What grotty weather. Glad fidget is settling in well. Love to you all x x

  4. Hi All – so pleased to hear Daisy is progressing well. We can’t wait to see you all and see the new puppy but also show you some of the wedding photos with Daisy looking gorgeous, unfortunately I (Diana) picked up a bug in Spain so have not been healthy enough to visit, but will be okay to visit next week if that is okay. Daisy was a real hit with the guests and loved the way she spread the rose petals. Fidget sounds wonderful, just my sort of dog? Not John’s’ though! Hope all has gone well today and you enjoy your surprise visitor. Love to you all and a big hug for Daisy.
    Lots of love John and Dianaxxxxx

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