We saw our consultant on Thursday who is was really pleased to see Daisy had made such progress after last Friday.  He is now totally confident we will be able to continue with her treatment on Wed 25th April.  This is just the best news we could have had simply because they were not prepared to give more chemo until Daisy had gained weight.  Over the last 10 days we’ve been struggling to achieve the weight gain needed as she’s been on different antibiotics for her wound infection, possibly had a general stomach bug and obviously been recovering from a huge operation all at the same time.  It’s likely Daisy will need another drug to help digestion but as we stand at the moment she is improving significantly day on day and has been well enough to eat a couple of Easter eggs, visit friends with Daddy overnight and, of course, welcome the new puppy.  What a huge breath of fresh air having a bundle of fluff around making us all laugh.  We are all besotted with Fidget and she’s fitting in brilliantly with the others. Charlie (brown one) isn’t the brightest and just doesn’t seem to fathom Fidget’s size and stares at her all the time; very entertaining.  Daisy and Luciano played all afternoon on Friday with them all amongst the new trees in the Hoo Haa (our new patch of garden that silly Harry said was a Ha-ha; have Googled it and it’s not)  I sat watching them and took hundreds of photographs and it was just wonderful to see her so happy, having a great time being normal. Just what we all need and long may it continue! Thank you again to Ray for the puppy and to Jayne who brought her round.  I keep putting beer behind the bars of all the local pubs for Ray but he says I’ve got to stop it now.  He’s not a man you can buy anything for!  I think a thank you card, a photo and a happy, trained dog will suffice.




3 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Happy Easter to you all and really pleased things are going in the right direction! What a little star you have!

  2. What a busy life you are all leading down there, no time for feeling ” wuff ” with Weddings to go to, Easter eggs to eat and lots of pals to play with AND a Puppy !!!! best thing EVER to cheer anyone up, when are you going to bring her up to meet Henry , Daisy ? we would all LOVE to see her, Henry will love to see her too, even though he is frightened of ” girls ” ( very wise chap I think !! ) particularly since he has been ” terrorised ” by our sons Labradoodle, Co-Co Pops, she is a very ” Happy ” dog and quite beserk to say the very least, and a real Party-girl, Henry cant cope at his advanced age, so a quiet pup visit would be lovely, cos we can see Daisy too and Mummy, and maybe get this cup of coffee !!
    SO, SO pleased that DP is definately getting on top, of the whole thing, quite frankly, she has been AMAZING throughout. Have fun with the Puppy guys, and hope to see you all soon .
    LOL xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Wonderful news that Daisy’s consultant is pleased with her progress. Am sorry to hear she has been so poorly with a wound infection but chocolate is definately the perfect medication. Fidget is absolutely gorgeous Daisy she certainly seems to have settled into her lovely new family. Look forward to seeing you soon Daisy.

    Love from
    Miss Lewis

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