Egg Hunt

Daisy’s had a great day; spent the morning doing jobs with Daddy and had a mini Easter egg hunt with Alex, Vicky and Amelia. Clever Alex brought a seriously good cake – not much left.


3 thoughts on “Egg Hunt

  1. We had a lovely time today it was fabulous seeing Daisy and seeing that she is making good progress.
    We will all come and visit again soon and bring another cake!!
    lots of love Alex,Vicky and Mel xxxxx

  2. Hooray Fidget has arrived although he sounds to be a fairly laid back dog to me! The cake looks amazing and we are very jealous of those delicious looking strawberries.

    Daisy – what a beautiful flower girl you made and it looks to have been a fab day despite feeling poorly in the run up to it

    I’m sure the Easter bunny will see you well fed tomorrow and fingers crossed all goes well in the coming couple of weeks

    Love to you Mummy &Daddy & Fidget of course

    Vic &Chris xxxx

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