Daisy had a better time throughout treatment this week and we came home on a jolly note with Grandma. Nausea’s taken over since we’ve been at home which is unusual but it’s fading now. Fidget was missed so much and has proved to be the best possible tonic and distraction. Thank you to the girls for walking and feeding our lot; much appreciated. The plan now is to be outside, infection free for the next 3 weeks and hopefully a bit of horse riding tomorrow.



Wish Richard good luck for today; sure he’ll do brilliantly and we’ll be keeping an eye on the TV just in case there’s a sighting.

Change of plan re chemo; there’s been a communication error with the hospital so we’re now in tomorrow instead of Wednesday.  It’s totally thrown us logistically but at least we’ll be getting on with it.  If anyone on the yard’s reading please may we have dog walking/feeding services please. Usual cash incentives apply, instructions on who belongs where and who’s fed what is written down in the back room. Dad Manager isn’t in situ this week as he’s on annual leave!

More of the same and Daisy Chains

We’re still here getting better. Nothing to report other than Daisy’s new drug that she takes before meals is doing a brilliant job and sorting out all the issues that were causing horrid problems. The puppy is just brilliant and is without doubt our mobile comfort blanket and is now totally settled by the Aga, on the chair, on the sofa, on the other dogs’ beds; wherever she’s just not allowed really.  Every time a new dog moves in the rules steadily get forgotten and our house gets steadily chewed.  Good job I just couldn’t care less. We had a fab time yesterday doing lots of ordinary things like some jobs at the barns, chatting to the cleaners and helping with the linen, coffee and huge chocolate muffin at Costa, a visit to one of the Dockers’ fine residences where Daisy met Hazel the guinea pig, 2 Bedlingtons and some frogspawn.

Deb Riley has had the parish knitting and crocheting Daisy bracelets and necklaces which are now turning into a real winner with everyone and she’s got an order book underway! Cancer Research is getting the proceeds. The daisy pin is £2 and bracelets £2.50. Get one, they’re really cool, from Debs: debbieriley38@yahoo.co.uk.


Debbie memorably brought a French knitting doll for Daisy to do while we were in hospital and it was a brilliant idea only to find the crocheting hook was actually a lethal weapon that you’d never get on a plane with so she took it home, did it herself and hasn’t yet stopped.

Birmingham tomorrow for a kidney test followed by cinema and a surprise visit from a family member that Daisy knows nothing about.  Hopefully we’ll get some good weather at the weekend before we go in next week.


We saw our consultant on Thursday who is was really pleased to see Daisy had made such progress after last Friday.  He is now totally confident we will be able to continue with her treatment on Wed 25th April.  This is just the best news we could have had simply because they were not prepared to give more chemo until Daisy had gained weight.  Over the last 10 days we’ve been struggling to achieve the weight gain needed as she’s been on different antibiotics for her wound infection, possibly had a general stomach bug and obviously been recovering from a huge operation all at the same time.  It’s likely Daisy will need another drug to help digestion but as we stand at the moment she is improving significantly day on day and has been well enough to eat a couple of Easter eggs, visit friends with Daddy overnight and, of course, welcome the new puppy.  What a huge breath of fresh air having a bundle of fluff around making us all laugh.  We are all besotted with Fidget and she’s fitting in brilliantly with the others. Charlie (brown one) isn’t the brightest and just doesn’t seem to fathom Fidget’s size and stares at her all the time; very entertaining.  Daisy and Luciano played all afternoon on Friday with them all amongst the new trees in the Hoo Haa (our new patch of garden that silly Harry said was a Ha-ha; have Googled it and it’s not)  I sat watching them and took hundreds of photographs and it was just wonderful to see her so happy, having a great time being normal. Just what we all need and long may it continue! Thank you again to Ray for the puppy and to Jayne who brought her round.  I keep putting beer behind the bars of all the local pubs for Ray but he says I’ve got to stop it now.  He’s not a man you can buy anything for!  I think a thank you card, a photo and a happy, trained dog will suffice.




Daisy spent last week feeling poorly on and off and we rushed to hospital on Friday afternoon for tests after days of uncertainty at home which more or less finished us off.  Nobody would have imagined we would actually get to the wedding on Saturday but, as ever, Daisy was determined and the day was actually brilliant.  Noone would ever know looking at a child with loads of energy, performing her role as Flower Girl with such enthusiasm throwing petals everywhere required. She played football with other children, ran around the marquee  – just like the real Daisy would – and ate and drank all day.  Think the bride and groom had a pretty good time as well.

Luciano, Mia and Fidget came to visit again on Sunday morning and we borrowed the pup for a few hours and watched her play and sleep a lot in the sunshine.  Almost everyone came round for a quick fuss, including parents. We’re not sure the name Fidget is very appropriate now. She’s more like a ‘Kip’; the only dog I’ve ever known to fall asleep and snore upright.


This week has got off to a much better start and Daisy has not been in pain which I am so thankful for.  We’re waiting for various test results and we carry on with a slow recovery from her operation which will be a month ago tomorrow. Unbelievable.