Post Op Check up

Went to sunny Birmingham today and saw one of the surgeons who’s really happy with Daisy’s progress except she’s lost weight so we need to fatten her up before the next chemo which should be 18th April if all goes well. She’s had a mixed week with some tummy pain and a wasp sting! Apart from that we’ve had lots of time in the sunshine, been to the pet shop and bought absolutely everything for the new puppy, who Daisy has named Fidget after one of the 101 Dalmations, and we have planted a conker tree in the new field.



4 thoughts on “Post Op Check up

  1. hi,

    It is great to hear that everything is going so well 🙂

    One of our best friends’ dad is a priest…or a vicar…or a priecher…Or something like that- anyway, we went to a youth club at his church, and towards the end of it we had a 15 minuite break where they showed us how to pray for heaingl people- we, along with some other friends, prayed for Daisy…Everyone who prayed with us, seemed quite touched, and, although they do not even know her, really meant what they were saying. we kind of wanted to cry at how nice, and understanding they were all being – even one of the club leaders came along, and helped pray with us.

    We are not yet sure if we do, or do not think god exists, however, regardless, we thought it was better to, than not to pray for her (just incase), and we, along with all our friends, really hope it worked!

    We are both coming up tomorrow, and going back on friday, and hope that you and granny will be able to arrange a time for us to see Daisy (as we might have an easter prezzie for her)!

    All our love,
    lily and bess xxx

    • I agree with you on the God front, however how nice that you all had such lovely positive thoughts for Daisy 🙂 x

  2. It’s great to hear that everything is going well and that Daisy is making good progress. Extra tasty treats for you then Daisy to put some weight back on. How exciting about your new puppy, Fidget arriving this Friday looking forward to seeing lots of photos of him. I love his name.I am going back to school after Easter and will hopefully be driving by then too I would love to come and see you once I am driving again will make arrangements with Mummy.

    Have a fabulous Easter with lots of delicious Easter Eggs.

    Love from
    Miss Lewis

  3. We love the name Fidget, we keep asking Mum and Dad if we can have a puppy but they tell us that three children and three cats are enough for any family! We have a lively three legged cat 🙂

    So pleased you are doing so well

    Love Cameron and Leo (and mummy) xx

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