Final Treatment

We had a deflating conversation with the Oncologist yesterday who said we will definitely have 2 more chemo to finish off Daisy’s treatment.  Because the tumour’s so rare there’s no evidence he can look at that can enable him to let us get away with finishing now.  He assures us the operation went as well as possible but the protocol says 6 chemo so that’s what we’ll have.  My hopes were up that we might be finished but obviously we can’t bail out at the last hurdle so all being well we’ll be done for mid May.  This means that Daisy will have 5 weeks of recovery before we go on holiday.  Yes! We ARE going on holiday. No matter what.

Good news is that Daisy has had her last enteral feed and the NG tube is out; totally stress free and painless which means she gets to enjoy an ordinary diet again so is starting the day with a bacon sandwich; happy girl. Other good news is Daisy is massively excited about spending the weekend at Granny’s with a little visit in between to some small people  for the first time as Harry and I are hosting a much needed jolly (annual reunion) with pals this weekend.  After a rubbish day yesterday I’m sane again today looking forward to a lovely couple of days off starting this morning with shopping and coffee in Ludlow.


3 thoughts on “Final Treatment

  1. It’s a shame that Daisy needs more chemotherapy, however she has come so far you dont have much longer to go now and then fingers crossed it will all be over 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend and a fantastic party

    Sending you bug hugs xx

  2. we are sorry to hear that daisy will need some more chemo, however, at least you have now got a deadline, and a date to look forward to…not that long to go!

    We are coming up in the easter holidays, and are hoping to see you, daisy, and harry while we are up.

    have a great weekend 🙂

    all our love, Lily and bess xxx

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