Furry Visitor

We’ve had an amazing day. Jayne brought the cutest puppy to the house this morning for a couple of hours to cheer Daisy up.  She had the biggest smile on her face, still has – and so have I. The little creature fell asleep in my arms and snored loudly. We were just totally besotted.  The puppy belongs to Jayne’s father, Ray Wassell who has offered to gift the puppy to Daisy as a get well present! What can I say? So generous, so wonderful for Daisy; she can’t believe it.  Jayne said everyone has just wanted to do something for her that will make her happy so we officially have a new addition moving in on Good Friday. If we get the news we want tomorrow morning, that’ll be the icing on the cake.


8 thoughts on “Furry Visitor

  1. Maddie’s says ‘OMG’! That must be the best present ever. What is his/her name?
    How gorgeous! x
    Congratulations on your new addition Pitt family-xxx

  2. Gorgeous!! And the puppy Daisy!! What are you going to call him/her? Is it a Labrador? He/she will have to meet our new arrival Nellie! She’s nearly 12 weeks old now and getting bigger by the day!!

    It’s lovely to see you smiling and such a wonderful gift. I’m sure the puppy will be very happy in its new home with you all!

  3. Oh wow! What a truly amazing present. If anything can speed up Daisy getting well again it’ll be kisses and cuddles from that cutie :0)

  4. I showed dad the picture of Daisy holding her new little pup and said: “We made a little girl very happy today dad!” and he said: “Good, Welldone love”. He really wanted to give Daisy this special little gift, a bundle of joy that as you rightly pointed out she’ll have until she’s 20!!!! The little pup was NOT happy to be back with her siblings when I took her home, she kept coming to me for more loves so I think we’ve spoilt her already!! She certainly loved being with The Pitts. Three cheers for grumpy Harry!!!! xx

  5. aah good news and what a cute puppy !!!!!!!!!!
    we will have to see you in the Easter holiday
    Alex and Vicky xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. glad the pup cheered daisy up it cheered us lot up when we heard that harry finally said yes lol the pups are growing now not long until you get it now!! bet daisy is excited hope all is well xx

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