We’re told there’s a possibility that only one more chemo will be needed when Daisy has made a full surgical recovery which should be in a few weeks time, after which, Daisy’s treatment will be over.  Our oncologist has assured me there will be no u-turn on this. The final decision will depend on the outcome of their MDT next Monday when they’ll discuss the pathology report, ie what they actually removed, its form and the margins (what they removed around it).  Whatever their plans are, we’ll be informed next week at the hospital.

The doctors were all happy for us to leave hospital this morning and continue with Daisy’s new ‘special’ food routine at home so things won’t quite be normal yet but being back is just brilliant.  Dad’s mown the lawn, guinea pig is back off holiday, things are actually growing for once in the garden, someone’s finished the fencing in our new field, the house is tidy, piles of cards and parcels to open and I’m about to get hold of the dogs and wind them up in a huge way. If my back allows it I might even ride my horse in the morning.

Thank you to everyone who came to the hospital; not everyone’s cup of tea – not really mine either. I hadn’t expected visitors at all due to the environment and the sheer awful state Daisy was in but the support was so much needed. Whatever happens to us from this point onwards we can say with total confidence that we got Daisy through it so there’s no room for rumination now or in the future.  My councillor would be very happy with that statement I can assure you, particularly as I mean it. Daisy is obviously from good stock (my side) and has been utilising high levels of stubbornness and determination that have come in pretty useful at an early age. (Dad once said that being married to Mum was like being handcuffed to a goat). Poor Mum!

It’s so important to say also that having been talking to other parents on and off the ward and spending some time in the Chapel reading people’s messages and prayers that there are so many kids in that hospital today who just haven’t got luck on their side. The medics are highly skilled but I am positive that there is a large element in life that you get what you get.  I’ve said all along that we have been fortunate within this situation and it’s not because I can’t see the wood for the trees, it’s totally true. Some families having been living at the Ronald McDonald House next door to the hospital for over 12 months and are from as far away as South Africa.  The children that have undergone liver or bowel transplants are also stuck in cubicles whilst they recover which is an isolated and very long recovery period for them, their parents and their siblings.  We have been in for 12 days, had a tumour removed and come home. Most of the events during that time have been ghastly and memorable to say the least but there are kids going through it all the time and they don’t even have an ‘end’ date to cling to. Our end date could be less than a month away and if we’re lucky it really will be the end of a 5 month episode in our lives.


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. I don t think I can add to that except to say that you, Harry and Daisy have been amazing through out this whole thing but especially during these recent days in hospital. I feel proud to be your friend and especially proud of Daisy. Lots of love and wishes for a speedy recovery from the Dockers xxx

  2. So glad you are home, lets now pray for a speedy recovery. Love you all dearly Aunty Suz, Uncle Rob and Christian x

  3. Welcome home… that’s SO good.
    Yes let’s hear it for sheer stubborn determination… and we’ll keep praying with loads of thanks and a big smile – fabulous way to celebrate mothers day.
    love from us both… Nick & Ali xx

  4. Fantastic news, just so so pleased for you all. Well done all of you for such courage and especially Daisy. Look forward to seeing you sometime at Urs and Ed xxxxxMary

  5. Mike and Chris Fellows send best wishes. We have been praying for Daisy at Enville over the last few weeks. You are all so brave. Love to you all and once again give Rosemary a big hug. Love.

  6. We are so glad to hear that you are home, and wish you, harry, and daisy the best for the next few weeks!
    loads of love,
    lily and bess
    ps. hope all the ponies are ok!!

  7. Really happy to hear that you are all back home and hope that things are going from strength to strength for you all. Lots of love W,H,L,H&T xxxxx

  8. Wonderful news that you are back home, best wishes for a speedy recovery and that last chemo! Thinking of you, Caroline and Annie xx

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