Great News

The transformation in Daisy between 4pm yesterday and 10am this morning has been quite unbelievable.  She tollerated the ‘evil physio’ putting her into the dreaded chair for the 4th time.  This is something Daisy really loves being in but just can’t bear the thought of getting into it. She then put up with a barage of more vile procedures but there is no doubt that they’ve given her the huge leg-up she needed. After her first pain free, undisturbed night’s sleep in a clean, warm and comfy bed she had a bowl of Shreddies which is her version of a really good fry up.  I left the ward for 2 hours and by the time I came back she was up, dressed and walking around the ward minus most of the tubes, dressings and cannulas. We’ve been upgraded from HDU to the main ward and the rule is that the closer we get to the door the closer we are to escaping. She’s on a special diet for the next 6 weeks and has enjoyed everything given to her so far and her body seems to be coping well with it. The surgeons are happy. Mr Sharif pops onto the ward pre and post theatre every day and wanders about chatting to people in a casual manner that makes you think he’s either someone’s relative or just lost.  Daisy gets to go to the gym in the morning now she’s made amends with the physio.


11 thoughts on “Great News

  1. Dear Daisy,

    I am so proud of you! It was lovely to see you today, it’s simply unbelievable how far you have come since visiting you after the operation last last week.

    So many people could learn a great deal from you. You always have a smile and a cheery comment for everyone, you really are a wonderfully special girl! Keep up the good work and you will be home before you know it.

    Your little steps, are also giant leaps!

    Love you
    Aunty Suz x

  2. Wow guys that’s fantastic news. I clearly came a day early! Absolutely brilliant to see Daisy up and dressed and what a transformation fromTuesday!
    Lots of love from all of us Yeates xxz

  3. Dear Daisy,

    I am so so proud of you and all you are achieiving in such a short space of time. You really are amazing and exceptionally inspirational. So many people could learn a lot from you. Your courage, fight and determination leaves me speechless. Going to the gym tomorrow sounds interesting you show those physio’s what you are made of.

    Lovely photo of you and mummy and as always you are smiling away. Keep up the good work Daisy moving nearer and nearer to the door. Really look forward to seeing you soon will come and visit you once you are back home.

    Lots of Love and great big hugs
    Miss Lewis xxx

    So pleased Sarah to hear things are moving in the right direction and that you have made it off HDU and onto the main ward. These past 7 days must have been some of the longest for You and Harry. I say about Daisy being amazing but I also feel you both are too with how you have got through this with Daisy. You are 3 very special people and I am just elated for you with how things are going. Yes Daisy’s fight isn’t over but she is certainly showing them what she is made of and good on her. Do take care both of you.

    Best wishes
    Angela x

  4. Thats the BEST piccy Ive seen in ages, and not only is Daisy looking Amazing, Mummy is looking a whole lot brighter too, such a GREAT picture after what you have been through together, and Daddy as well, and I must admit,I know a whole lot of other people have been alongside you all out here too, but Im quite sure we cannot imagine just what the last weeks have really been like for you all.Daisy does look Incredible, considering what she has had to endure, but Bless her, memories of it all , will fade fast, as children are sensible and live very much in the ” Now”, so when she leaves Hospital and comes back to her lovely Home and Family, it will all be a distant memory, as she gets back on track.May the recovery continue at the same pace as you get nearer and nearer to the door and ” Home ”
    lots of love, to you all,and WELL DONE Daisy, for being SUCH a BRAVE Girl xxx

    Ps. looks like its soon time to make you one of my Rice Puddings, espcially for you Daisy, get Mummy to let me know when you back here and can have one, and we will rustle one up , weve got the ingredients in specially for when you get Home xx My Grandaughter says she loves my Rice pudding, but it is the only one she has ever come across, that you have a slice of, rather than a bowl-full….I wonder if she is trying to tell me something…??

  5. So thrilled and impressed. Daisy you are such a star and we are all cheering you every step! I know how you’ve hated the transitions from bed to chair and back again but it’s been worth it. Amazed to see you dressed and on your feet! Hurrah.
    Big hugs and kisses and see you very soon
    X X X X

  6. Wow!! That’s fantastic news!!
    Lovely to see you up and about Daisy, and STILL smiling!! You really are amazing!!
    Lovely photo of you and mommy.
    Hope the visit to the gym went well.

    Big hugs.

    Sue, Chris, Ben and William xxx

  7. Hi sarah,
    Its little kate (with dougal) from lake house, i am organising a fund raising event in aid of daisy at my school, i was wandering if it would be okay to use daisy’s story and a couple of photos in a presentation? And is there a particular charity you would like the money raised to go to?
    So glad she is getting on well, thinking of you all. Keep on smiling daisy 🙂
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Little Kate xxx

  8. Fantastic news, so good to see Daisy up and about and the photo is gorgeous.. the words people have used to descirbe you on here, Daisy are so true and must make you, Sarah and Harry so very, very proud of her and her ability to be brave and still smile. an amazing and inspirational little girl.. I read the blogs with so much emotion, I can’t begin to think of how you have dealt with this all and can only send all my love and thoughts, as always xxxx

  9. Hi Sarah, Lovely picture of you and Daisy, so glad to hear she is progressing well and she is up and about. Such a little star. Thinking of you all lots. Love Stu, Jen & Pippy xx

  10. Hi guys, I was so in need to a bit of good news and after receiving your text on Wedneday I wanted to read again how well Daisy was doing so I logged on to this blog and it has warmed me right through! Sarah you have such a beautiful way of writing and making light of the most difficult situations and Daisy, you are a brave little star as always. Love to you all.
    Lucy x

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