First few days

Medics are happy overall with how Daisy’s doing. First 48 hours was particularly difficult mostly because we lost the epidural early on. Yesterday afternoon saw a really big turning point in that the physio came and helped Daisy into a chair for an hour; a massive mental and physical manoeuvre. We managed to half the morphine and ketamine which means the first signs of the Daisy we all know have started to emerge. ‘Tube food’ started last night with success but unfortunately the nasogastric tubes both were pulled out in the night despite being stitched. At least one of them has to go back in this morning.

The kindest messages of support are just piling in from unbelievable sources which I’m finding hugely comforting. Anyone who knows me will be aware that I turn into someone else without any sleep so keep them coming please. Apparently a friend of Aunty Mary’s who is in Israel, lit a candle for Daisy on Wednesday in Galilee and a friend of Rosemary’s had the congregation praying for Daisy in Oban Cathedral on Sunday. Daisy needs this and more at the moment


15 thoughts on “First few days

  1. Hi all,
    Great news the op went well and that daisy is doing well.
    You are both (and daisy) so incredibly brave and Im sure words can’t really express what you’re going through/feeling. Just take done comfort in the knowledge that we are all thinking of you and praying for you all. Xxxx

    Daisy – so glad to hear your big operation went well. You’re such a brave little girl. When you’re home and feeling up to it you’ll have to meet our new arrival!! We’ve had a puppy, she’s a Bernese mountain dog and we’ve named her Nellie!! She’s very cute but has very sharp pointy puppy teeth!

    Big hugs to you and mommy and daddy.


  2. I can’t imagine what you have all been through and are going through but I am in awe of the courage and strength that you have all shown throughout. Wishing daisy a speedy recovery from her op and we look forward to seeing her soon.
    Thank you also for your blog – so good to be able to keep up with Daisy’s progress.
    Love to you all, Lindsay Bodenham (Class 1)

  3. Daisy, you are so incredibly brave, keep being such a brave positive girl.

    Fingers crossed for a swift recovery. You are an inspiration to adults let alone young children like you are

    Sending, you, your mum and dad loads of love and hugs

    Cameron, Leo, Julia and Damian watts xx

  4. Yes… well done Daisy and all of you! Back from time at New Life House orphanage in Nepal, and the children there are all praying for you too. You should hear their prayers – they don’t give up either! Keep it up… and love from us both. Nick & Alison

  5. We have been thinking about you all and can’t imagine how difficult the last few days have been.
    It’s lovely to hear that the operation went well and that daisy is starting to improve, she is an incredibly brave little lady.
    Take Care

    Kate, lee, Jacob & millie xx

  6. Dear Daisy, Harry and Sarah,

    What an amazing young lady you are Daisy if there were gold medals handed out for bravery you would certainly have them all. You are truly inspirational and full of courage. Mum and Dad deserve a few gold medals for being wonderful and courageous too. Lots of prayers and lots of love and wishes are going to you all. We will come and see you soon and maybe we can do a bit of colouring in or Daisy I love more than anything reading stories, so maybe when I visit I can sit and read to you. What type of stories do you like? Maybe you can choose a book from the internet and I can bring it in and read it to you. Let me know what book you would like. I hope Daddy is not snoring too much! You just keep getting better and keep those doctors in check!

    See you very soon and sending loads of hugs and kisses and licks from the dogs.

    Lots of love,

    Diana John Georgina Dan and Tom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. heya, Lily and Bess here!

    Sorry wev’e not left a comment before- we just havent known what to say, however, we HAVE been following all of daisy’s progress via this blog. we are both so glad that her opperation went well, we are also very releaved to hear that daisy will not be diabettic!

    well, hope to see you all soon (possibly in the easter hols).

    all our love,
    the twins xxx

  8. Hello,

    I am so glad the operation went well, but very sorry the days afterwards have been so hard. We are sending you all our best wishes and saying special prayers for Daisy at school, she’s always on our minds and the children always talk about her. I am going to send Daisy a parcel soon from the class 2, hopefully it’ll make Daisy smile!

    Let me know if there is ever anything I (or anyone at school) can do you for.

    Send my love to Daisy and I hope she’s back to her bubbly self soon.



  9. …if Daisy is up for visitors then I would love to come and see her, I could give her to presents off the children in person that way.

    I’ll give you a call tomorrow to discuss this.

    All the best,

    Sarah Loughlin

  10. Hi, my daughter (little Kate) goes to the yard at lake house. Only heard about Daisy last week, I will be keeping up with you all through the blog. Katie and myself wish you all rapid road to recovery for Daisy. Xxx

  11. Dear Sarah, Harry and Daisy,

    we are SO GLAD that the operation went so well and have been thinking of you all. I can only begin to imagine what each one of you is going through. Sarah, you write so beautifully it makes it very real. I hope that the days ahead bring more good news, strength and healing to you all and Daisy, you really are one brave and strong girl!

    All of our love the MJs xxxxxxxx

  12. Do hope Daisy is getting stronger and stronger every day. A day doesn’t go by when I (and everyone at school) doesn’t think about Daisy and yourselves and we very much talk about her amazing stength and courage she is one incredible little girl and we all love her. Only this lunchtime we were talking about Daisy and wondering how she was getting on. Everyone sends their love to you both and to Daisy.

    Love from
    Angela Lewis

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