The surgeons said Daisy coped very well throughout and the outcome was the best they could have hoped for.  It was, after all, encapsulated so they’ve got it all out with minimum margin. Only the head of the pancreas was removed so she will not be diabetic.  The spleen is untouched and the remaining parts of the Whipples procedure they carried out as planned which means some of the stomach, the lower part of the bile duct and the gall bladder have been removed.  They found the tumour had made an impression on the vein so we know Harry’s persistence for more chemo before the op has made a huge difference to the outcome. 

Daisy is going through an unbelievable experience at the moment and yesterday was as joyous as it was frightening.  The day consisted of starting the day having ‘slept’ in my clothes followed by taking Daisy and ipod to theatre, tollerating Harry’s tantrums in the shops at the Bullring (cost of things wounds him), finding some serenity in the pub with Aunty Claire and Dawn only to be thrown back into panic mode by a call from the hospital asking us to speak to the surgeons.  They said it was likely to be a 10 hour op and it’d only been 4. Another vile experience of being ‘put’ in a room while we waited for them and then total relief came after a short conversation.  This was quickly followed by an hour in the recovery room which was ghastly.  Unless you’re a medic there’s no way of knowing what to expect but I knew it was the moment I’d dreaded most in this whole process.  Now it’s over that’s the last time I’ll say it and will endeavour to forget it.

Once again, Daisy has understood and accepted everthing said and done to her.  We have the rest of a really difficult week to get through for many reasons but as we stand at the moment things are looking incredibly positive. Harry, has read books leant over Daisy’s bed and we’ve been doing everything we possibly can to make her more comfortable. When she woke up she asked for spaghetti but that’s a few sleeps away yet.

Unexpectedly we’ve been allocated a room at the Ronald Mcdonald house next to the hospital which is already making our time here so much more bearable. Getting sleep – in a bed – is utter luxury.  The facilities are superb.  2 Happy Meals this week, and they won’t be the last, have paid for some of it so I’m happy with that.

We’re swapping shifts now. If anyone wants to visit us, Daisy or our flash hotel we’ll be happy.


8 thoughts on “Operation

  1. Hi Sarah, it’s Paula, Teddy’s mum from Heathfield. Sharon Hamill has been keeping me up to date with Daisy’s progress and sent the blog link to me. I am so pleased she is coping so well, such a fantastic little girl and lucky to have such fabulous parents! Lots of love an luck to you all xx

  2. I think you are all so brave and wonderful – daisy is a total star – you guys have been great too and to think that he is not going to be diabetic is such great news – we miss you guys and am thinking of you all the time – zara is going to take some photos of her with the lions for daisy!!! Lots of love
    The stods

  3. Great news that the operation went well and that you are slowly mending and also you have a nice room to stay in!!!
    hope to see you soon, we are all happy for you!!
    lots of love Alex, Vicky, Mel and Shaun

  4. hi daisy i am so pleased well i am so so so so pleased that you are getting better you might not remember me but you will definatley remember my little jack russell tilly. we met you and your mom at the cafe in bridgnorth and you were on the floor playing with tilly ,she is usually very
    boistrus but she was quite calm , your mom said you had a dog like tilly who kept leaving
    home but daisy if you would like to see tilly when you are better ask jane link she will tell you
    where tilly lives.
    i will think of you often love jennie brookes xxxxx

  5. so good to see you today, Daisy is amazing!!!! hope you and harry have gone to Ronald McDonald house to get some well deserved rest this evening. On twilight tomorrow so I will pop in during shift. lots of love x

  6. Just so pleased to hear that the op is so successfully over. Have been thinking of you so much ,so glad they have given you accommodation and hope you can get some rest. Daisy sounds just so amazing the way she has coped with everything.lots of love Mary(Urs’s mum)xxx

  7. What an incredible brave girl you are being Daisy. You truly are amazing. Rest well and hope you’ll soon be well enough to go home again.

    Sending lots of love to You, Mummy and Daddy.

    So pleased Sarah and Harry you’ve been given a room in the family accommodation must make such a difference for you giving you somewhere to go and rest when not with Daisy and not having to endure the journey to and from home when you need sleep or simply just some time to freshen up, etc.

    Love to you all

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