We’ve been into Birmingham this afternoon for a last minute CT scan which Daisy was brilliant for, as ever, and we’re expecting to go back in tomorrow afternoon so Daisy can be ‘prepared’ for Wednesday with various Play Specialists, some of whom she already knows and has a brilliant rapport with which is very comforting for me.  We paid a visit to the Hogwartsesque sweet shop in the Great Western Arcade, did the obligatory Happy Meal and got on the wrong train home. (Got off in nick of time; wasn’t my fault, there were cancellations and platform alterations)!

We’ll try and blog when Daisy comes out of theatre but if not we’ll text all the usual sources and the earliest will be late Wednesday night.


13 thoughts on “Today

  1. Daisy and you two are just absolutely amazing!!! such an inspiration to each and everyone of us x You coming back into Birmingham Childrens Tues as I am working tomorrow and Thursday, if so I will come and see you both ju x x x

  2. Dear Daisy

    Sorry to be so long in replying but I have just recovered from the shock of seeing Daddy with hair! It has certainly been a while! I’m sure you will look fantastic

    Hogwarts sweet shop sounds great – I have a bean bag called Hagrid so maybe when you are feeling better you can come and visit

    I hope all goes well with your op on Wednesday and we will be thinking of you & Mummy and Daddy all day. I am sure you will take it all in your stride.

    Lots of Love to you all

    Vic & Chris xxxxx

  3. Hi Guys, good luck for tomorrow we will be thinking of you – Daddy with hair, now that I’ve got to see. Love you all.

    Kev and Jules xxxxx

  4. SO GLAD , all went well at ” The Scan “, Daisy doing her Best, as always xx
    Not sure how you guys are finding the time to fill us all in, but THANKYOU SO much for doing so, even if you cant see us , we are all alongside you all, as you move forward through Daisys Treatment, and out the other side xx
    We both send love, and Henry

  5. So glad scan went well, at least wednesday is a solid focus to get past now. Although this is such a terrifying time for you, just remember you are all stronger than you think!
    Just as your friend Sally perfectly said,’even if you can’t see us, we are all alongside you all’.
    Our thoughts and love with you always. xxxx

  6. Hi Daisy, Sarah and Harry – we are thinking of you loads today and when we think of you we realise that we think you are AMAZING! All love xxWill, Holly etc.xx

  7. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers, may your strength and bravery will be rewarded.
    Love to you all. x

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