Today’s Run

£1,404.50 raised so far for Dominique and Angie’s run and they haven’t done it yet! 1hr and 20 mins to go.  Thank you so much to everyone who’s sponsored them.

Daisy’s really well and bloods are up but we’re not taking her to the run in the pouring rain; she’s going out for lunch with Daddy instead.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Run

  1. Hi Harry and Sarah, Thinking about you all and keeping up to speed through John and Mary.

    Love to All. Big hug for Daisy and a smaller hug for Rosemary who knows us and Daisy doesn’t.

    God Bless. Mike and Chris Fellows

  2. Wow that’s a fantastic amount to have raised do hope the run went well. Lunch out with Daddy sounded like a great idea hope you had a lovely time.
    Love from
    Miss Lewis

    Hello Daisy hope you are ok I am at Aunty Angela’s house playing on Mario Party 9 and wanted to say hello. Really miss you at school and it will be really great when you are better enough to come back. I now go to class 2 for Numeracy so will see you when you are better.
    Love From
    Kelsee Lewis

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