Pete Murtha and Karen at Optima Hair in Edgbaston were just wonderful with Daisy yesterday. She was treated like a princess, they were so thoughtful in every way. Pete’s charity, the Hayley Higginson Trust allows children who are undergoing treatment to benefit from this service totally free of charge which is hugely generous as all the ‘units’ (wig is banned word) are hand made using real hair. The stylists sit with Daisy and discuss exactly what she wants and how she wants to look; it’s all about them in a positive  and fun way, for once. It’s been a real highlight that couldn’t have come at a better time after Monday.  We’ll be making a donation asap. Daisy says she really likes it but doesn’t want to be on the blog, just wants to get used to it at home while we make a few adjustments.  Obviously it’s not going to waste





9 thoughts on “Hair

  1. Looking gorgeous as ever H! Sorry we couldn’t make it to the pub night last Friday. sadly we already had tickets for summat. heard it was a great night though! Nicky xx

  2. Briliant!! I wonder if it might possibly look better on Daisy, but also looking good on Harry, though I’m not sure it’s really his colour!
    love Becky

  3. Hello, it’s Jon and Jess (and little Noah ) from across the pond- we rented one of your places two Christmas’ ago- Jon’s parents ran into you recently, and thus our connection with this website. We are thinking of you from Canada, and are hoping that the next few weeks go well.
    With tons of love
    the Canadians (and one Brit) 🙂

  4. Hello Daisy
    I’m sure you will look beautiful with your new hairstyle.
    can’t wait to see you soon and we read your blog most days.
    love Alex, Vicky, Mel and Shaun

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