We had a long meeting yesterday with our consultant and both surgeons; a liver surgeon from BCH and another from the QE who does liver and bowel transplants.  It’s impossible to put on here what’s involved but the goalposts have moved and what we thought was happening, now is not.  The last MRI doesn’t show enough so there may be another CT next week.  We’ve had every scenario, we’ll most likely be admitted next Monday and be in for 10 days. Love the medics; you look forward to meeting them because you know you’re moving forward and they’ll give you all the information you need but, as ever, they leave you reeling.  This time next week we’ll be in the middle of it, at last.

The good new is we had a call this morning to say the hair has arrived in Edgbaston waiting for a little princess to come and have a 2 hour pampering session!  We’ve got a cancellation appointment for 2pm today. Hopefully will have some lovely pics for later to cheer us all up.  TGIs for tea I think on the way home.


7 thoughts on “Surgeons

  1. Hi Daisy,
    Enjoy your pampering this afternoon, can’t wait to see the pictures of your new ‘do’! And TGI’s for tea – fabulous! Me and the boys live TGI’s I especially like the potato skins!

    Thinking of you all


  2. Sorry to hear that things have changed and Daisy is now in line for another scan. Fingers crossed things start going according to plan for Daisy from now. Thinking of you all as always.

    A pampering session how Fab Daisy I bet you look truly beautiful as you always do. Hope you enjoyed your tea at TGI’s.

    Lots of Love
    Miss Lewis

  3. Biggest love and hugs to you all. What alot to take in. Can’t wait to see photos of princess Daisy. Hope Sarah has planned a little pampering time too. x x x

  4. Looking forward to seeing photos of your new look! Hope you were well and truly pampered! Good luck for next week,
    love Caroline and Annie xx

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