Update & ‘Doing it for Daisy’

Yesterday’s MRI was a success and Daisy did brilliantly again, keeping perfectly still with the aid of a Wind in the Willows CD.  A necessary trip to the toy shop this morning has given us a Zhu Zhu pet (noisy hamster on wheels)

Harry and Daisy have been to clinic this afternoon, bloods are low so a transfusion tomorrow afternoon is needed before the operation. No feedback yet on the MRI but possibly tomorrow.  The consultant thinks there’s been more shrinkage since the last chemo but we still don’t know exactly what bearing that has on the operation. We’ll find out on Monday when we finally meet the surgeons.


Angie Hinton and Dominique Marsh are running a Half Marathon on Sunday 4th March at the Gaudet Luce Golf and Leisure Complex in Droitwich. The race starts at 12:00 noon and we’re hoping to see as many people as possible turn up and support their efforts.  All funds raised will benefit our chosen charity; Hope House Children’s Hospice which are based in Oswestry.  It’s a long story but it makes total sense for Harry and I to be supporting this charity as we’ve met children and their families who are in a very different position to us. The impact has been significant to say the very least.

Angie an Dominique are two Mums from school who’ve become good friends.  They rushed to see Daisy and I (along with Lucy and Sonja)  when we first arrived at Birmingham and dragged me out for coffee. That now feels like a lifetime ago. They were one of the first (of many) to say they felt helpless but wanted to do something.  A run was decided upon and now it’s here.  Obviously I’ll be making a huge deal of it; the small person herself will be there, sporting her new wheeling chair, as she calls it, and potentially her old hairstyle. Come if you can or make a donation if you want to online at





6 thoughts on “Update & ‘Doing it for Daisy’

  1. Well done Daisy for being so still for your MRI, and a zu zu pet!!!! How fabulous? Does it have a name.
    We send you all our love and best wishes for Monday.

  2. As ever, well done Daisy! And how great to hear that Angie and Dominique are running a half marathon with you all as their inspiration – ‘Doing it for Daisy’ – fantastic! Go girls!! Lots of love and good luck for Monday’s important meeting xxx

  3. Well done Daisy for being so still for your MRI I don’t like them and I am an adult but you Daisy put us all to shame. You are one very brave young lady and I wish you well for your forthcoming operation. I look forward to coming to see you at once you are home and feeling upto visitors. Everyone in Class 2 send you lots of love and big hugs. We miss you everyday at school and truly look forward to the day you are well enough to be back in class.

    Hope Angie and Domenique do well at the half marathon I am now going to go via the link above and make my donation.

    Love and Best wishes to Mummy and Daddy too I will be thinking of you all.

    With love from
    Miss Lewis

  4. Dearest Sarah, Harry and Daisy
    So hope all went well today and you have a good plan and feel very happy with all the Drs you met. Thought of you so much. Very good luck to your friends for this weekend. Daisy you really are amazing. Complete star.
    Lots of love urs, ed z and sash x

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