Successful Night

The Fundraiser in the pub last night was a massive success.  The Squirrel was full of people thanks to the efforts of Richard, Nick and Jackie.  So many pals came to support the event; some very unexpectedly.  (Will and Holly; great to see you and yes, book us in for cricket and Daisy would love to visit the ‘train room’). Flowing drink, a great band and a very late finish helped secure an estimated £500 in donations for the marathon; even Mum and Dad put up with the volume to be there which hasn’t happened since my 30th.  Daisy had a fab night at Granny’s and has been back on mole trap patrol this morning as our lawn has been obliterated. The discovery of dead brown furry thing has made her day!

This week; school, another MRI on Wednesday and clinic on Thursday.

Next event is Sunday 4th March; Angie and Dominique are doing a half marathon for our chosen charity Hope House Children’s Hospice. Info to come.


4 thoughts on “Successful Night

  1. So pleased to hear that last night was such a huge success. I had every intention of coming along to support you but unfortunatey wasn’t well enough. I have made a donation via the link that you put on a previous post.
    Great Daisy to hear you are hoping to come into school this week. I’m not in tomorrow though so may miss you depending what day you come in have a great time when you do.

    Congratulations again for such a successful night. Good luck for this weeks MRI too.

    Love to you all

  2. It was a great night Sarah and I’m so glad the fundraising was a success.I have never seen The Squirrel so packed!xxx

  3. Please let me know how we can sponsor Ange and Dominiques run

    Glad you are looking so well, the pizza looked yummy!

    Hope to see you at school soon

    Leo and Cameron xx

  4. We are pleased that the fundraising went so well, and are also extremely happy to see that you are healthy and cheerful!

    Good luck for the future chemo, and opperation- we are thinking of you all the time!

    wishing you all the best,
    love Lily and Bess

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