Valentine’s Day

Daisy took Luciano out for lunch to Peepo’s in Bridgnorth and treated him to a Valentine’s pizza; all very civilised and impeccably well mannered!




7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Thank you so much for treating Luciano, he had a fabulous time!! And Mia will love her ice lolly. See you on Friday in the Squirrel and arrange another play date for next week love J xxxx
    Hi daisy,
    I loved having pizza with you and im looking forward to seeing you at the Squirrel on Friday.
    We can make amazing flipnotes on the DS when you come over to my house.
    Lots of love Luciano xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. aww how lovely.
    Sorry we haven’t wrote in a while, but Keith has been keeping us updated.
    Nothing but good news is all we’ve heard which is great.
    We’re always thinking about you, and hoping for the best.
    Speak soon,
    Dave and Louisa and Mrs Wassell xxx

  3. So so cute. Looks like a good pizza. Hope Sarah was equally spoilt! Daisy really is amazing. Very sorry to be missing saturday night but good luck, hope all goes well and lots of money is made. big big hugs to you all x x

  4. Sorry not to have written for a while but keeping an eye on progress and delighted to see that Valentines Day continued with a date! So encouraged by good news and sure you are too so fingers crossed everything continues towards the op! Looking forward to catching up in March if still happening. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist

    Love to all of course

    Vic and Chris xxxxxxx

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