4th Round

All done and back home last night. Daisy was very tired this time round but is seemingly back to normal today with adjusted anti-sick drugs which are still keeping everything at bay.  Consultant is very sure the tumour’s shrunk more since the scan as it’s now difficult to find.  It looks as though we’ll be in on Sunday 4th March with a view to having another MRI on the Monday which will be followed by another team meeting on the 6th and they’ll operate on the 7th.

Looking forward to Pizza Hut for lunch today, visits to both Granny and Grandma and lots of friends to play this week.


6 thoughts on “4th Round

  1. Well done Daisy and glad to hear you are all back home. Have a fun week with your friends and hope to see you when we get back. Love to your Mum and Dad from Debbie and family xxx

  2. All good news to hear, especially that Daisy’s feeling OK. She’s a complete star! Thanks for Georgie’s card-funny lol! See you soon xxx

  3. AMAZING Daisy, and AMAZING Family, We really truly hope, that you will all be AMAZED, its looking GOOD, and you all deserve to be, espcially DaisyP !! as you all Keep marching on forwards and rising to the challenge.
    with all our love S R and Henry xxx

  4. Great great news. Well done Daisy. Just fantastic. Another one gone and just wonderful news to hear about such shrinkage! Over half way – Go Pitts! Was with Mel last night who sends lots of love to you all, as we do. Hope you have a good week. Hope you had a good pizza.
    Lots of love urs, ed, z and sash x x

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