Test Results & Fundraiser

Daisy’s tests this week are normal which is great news because we are told the chemotherapy is very likely to affect her heart, hearing and kidneys so they’re monitoring everything as the treatment progresses.  Daisy’s got a slight cold so we haven’t made it into school but we did drive past yesterday and went to feed the ducks, swans and geese on the river in the sunshine instead – and had an ice lolly

A friend of ours, Richard Twigg, will be running the London Marathon this year as part of a team in aid of Children with Cancer; http://www.childrenwithcancer.org.uk.    He has run the marathon twice before in aid of Cancer Research and Daisy’s illness has partly been a trigger for running on behalf of this charity. He has organised a fundraising evening at The Squirrel pub in Alveley on Saturday 18th Feb along with the owners, Nick and Jackie. We will be there; if anyone would like to come, make a donation or tell people about it or the charity please do.  Donations can be made on Richard’s page at: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/twiggy



7 thoughts on “Test Results & Fundraiser

  1. Great news about Daisy’s test results this week, I hope her cold isn’t too bad, bless her.. What a lovely photo of her with the ducks..I’ll definitely be there on the 18th February, let me know if I can do another to help..it was so great to see you last week, pop in again soon for another coffee 🙂 xx

  2. Great great news. Go Daisy, you are a complete star, What a fantastic strong body you have. Hope you are felling ok and loving a cosy house. I wonder if you will be so spoilt next year!!! Keep warm and snug and loving the fact that you are still eating ice creams/lollies. Zara and Sasha send you lots of love and cuddles. We talk about you lots.
    Big hug to you all x x x x

  3. Goodness me you are all so fantastic! Its lovely to hear how you aregetting on and I hope Daisy’s cold goes away very soon.
    Keep warm this weekend!
    The fundraising al sounds fantastic and maybe if Sean isnt on call we can pop in and say hello.
    Keep smiling.
    Speak very soon.
    Love Katie and all my boys. xxx

  4. In our thoughts and prayers every day Moz you are all amazing and it’s great that you are getting positive news – hoping to make the 18th much love to you all piccies are fab xx

  5. Hi S, H and little D,
    So pleased to hear that things are so positive and moving on, I hope Daisy’s quilt provided some comfort with the last round of the ‘big medicine’. Daisy as usual has surpassed all our expectations in the braveness stakes! Would love to meet up again soon, you are always in our thoughts, but we have all been a bit poorly with coughs and colds so wanted to stay well away until we were healthy!! Will be in touch next week.
    Will definitely see you on the 18th. Hope to see
    Daisy in school again soon.
    Lots of love xx

  6. Hello Sarah, Harry & Daisy, good luck for your next session of chemotherapy today, it sounds like you are being such a star. So glad that you are getting positive news from doctors. Loving all the pictures, although we are concerned for Bob, what on earth has he been eating he’s huge!! Big hug to you all. Jenny & Stuart & Pip xxx

  7. Hello Daisy, Sarah and Harry! So pleased to have discovered your blog mum sent me the link for it today so I’ve just been catching up. All sounds very positive given the circumstances really glad about recent test results sounds like you are on the right track.
    I can only apologise I haven’t gotten in touch until now I didn’t know straight away and I don’t have your number Sarah anymore. Can’t believe how much Daisy has grown up she was just a baby when I used to babysit and that seems like yesterday!! I will look out for your updates it’s such a good idea to let everyone know on here. Anyway I hope you are all well sending you lots of love. Jenna xxx

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