Pete Murtha and Karen at Optima Hair in Edgbaston were just wonderful with Daisy yesterday. She was treated like a princess, they were so thoughtful in every way. Pete’s charity, the Hayley Higginson Trust allows children who are undergoing treatment to benefit from this service totally free of charge which is hugely generous as all the ‘units’ (wig is banned word) are hand made using real hair. The stylists sit with Daisy and discuss exactly what she wants and how she wants to look; it’s all about them in a positive  and fun way, for once. It’s been a real highlight that couldn’t have come at a better time after Monday.  We’ll be making a donation asap. Daisy says she really likes it but doesn’t want to be on the blog, just wants to get used to it at home while we make a few adjustments.  Obviously it’s not going to waste






We had a long meeting yesterday with our consultant and both surgeons; a liver surgeon from BCH and another from the QE who does liver and bowel transplants.  It’s impossible to put on here what’s involved but the goalposts have moved and what we thought was happening, now is not.  The last MRI doesn’t show enough so there may be another CT next week.  We’ve had every scenario, we’ll most likely be admitted next Monday and be in for 10 days. Love the medics; you look forward to meeting them because you know you’re moving forward and they’ll give you all the information you need but, as ever, they leave you reeling.  This time next week we’ll be in the middle of it, at last.

The good new is we had a call this morning to say the hair has arrived in Edgbaston waiting for a little princess to come and have a 2 hour pampering session!  We’ve got a cancellation appointment for 2pm today. Hopefully will have some lovely pics for later to cheer us all up.  TGIs for tea I think on the way home.

Update & ‘Doing it for Daisy’

Yesterday’s MRI was a success and Daisy did brilliantly again, keeping perfectly still with the aid of a Wind in the Willows CD.  A necessary trip to the toy shop this morning has given us a Zhu Zhu pet (noisy hamster on wheels)

Harry and Daisy have been to clinic this afternoon, bloods are low so a transfusion tomorrow afternoon is needed before the operation. No feedback yet on the MRI but possibly tomorrow.  The consultant thinks there’s been more shrinkage since the last chemo but we still don’t know exactly what bearing that has on the operation. We’ll find out on Monday when we finally meet the surgeons.


Angie Hinton and Dominique Marsh are running a Half Marathon on Sunday 4th March at the Gaudet Luce Golf and Leisure Complex in Droitwich. The race starts at 12:00 noon and we’re hoping to see as many people as possible turn up and support their efforts.  All funds raised will benefit our chosen charity; Hope House Children’s Hospice which are based in Oswestry.  It’s a long story but it makes total sense for Harry and I to be supporting this charity as we’ve met children and their families who are in a very different position to us. The impact has been significant to say the very least.

Angie an Dominique are two Mums from school who’ve become good friends.  They rushed to see Daisy and I (along with Lucy and Sonja)  when we first arrived at Birmingham and dragged me out for coffee. That now feels like a lifetime ago. They were one of the first (of many) to say they felt helpless but wanted to do something.  A run was decided upon and now it’s here.  Obviously I’ll be making a huge deal of it; the small person herself will be there, sporting her new wheeling chair, as she calls it, and potentially her old hairstyle. Come if you can or make a donation if you want to online at



Successful Night

The Fundraiser in the pub last night was a massive success.  The Squirrel was full of people thanks to the efforts of Richard, Nick and Jackie.  So many pals came to support the event; some very unexpectedly.  (Will and Holly; great to see you and yes, book us in for cricket and Daisy would love to visit the ‘train room’). Flowing drink, a great band and a very late finish helped secure an estimated £500 in donations for the marathon; even Mum and Dad put up with the volume to be there which hasn’t happened since my 30th.  Daisy had a fab night at Granny’s and has been back on mole trap patrol this morning as our lawn has been obliterated. The discovery of dead brown furry thing has made her day!

This week; school, another MRI on Wednesday and clinic on Thursday.

Next event is Sunday 4th March; Angie and Dominique are doing a half marathon for our chosen charity Hope House Children’s Hospice. Info to come.

4th Round

All done and back home last night. Daisy was very tired this time round but is seemingly back to normal today with adjusted anti-sick drugs which are still keeping everything at bay.  Consultant is very sure the tumour’s shrunk more since the scan as it’s now difficult to find.  It looks as though we’ll be in on Sunday 4th March with a view to having another MRI on the Monday which will be followed by another team meeting on the 6th and they’ll operate on the 7th.

Looking forward to Pizza Hut for lunch today, visits to both Granny and Grandma and lots of friends to play this week.


We’ve finally had a date for Daisy’s operation which is schedule for the 7th of March and we meet the surgeons on the 27th of Feb.  We’re due back to Shrewsbury tomorrow; bloods first then chemo if counts are up.  Laurel and Hardy, Johnny English, piles of books, crayoning, puzzles and loads of food packed. After that we’ll be about for half term fun with friends.