Good News in the Post!

Letter arrived in the post from the consultant today which said …’the surgical opinion is that it will be possible to preserve some of the normal pancreas and thus normal pancreatic function’.  This is, obviously, as positive as it gets regarding this element of surgery.  We’re so pleased to hear it and hope they’re right.  The down side is that it’s still a complicated operation that’s an estimated 6 weeks away and I am desperate to get it out of the way as full recovery is entirely reliant on resection of the tumour. Next week we go in to have Daisy’s heart and hearing monitored as the chemotherapy is likely to have an effect on both.  They predict that she will lose her ability to hear higher pitched sounds but will be able to have a conversation at normal levels.

We are now in a vague routine which means that the week after treatment Daisy has energy and is full of beans while we wait for the blood counts to go down, ie she has a ‘late dip’ before the next treatment is due to start (7th Feb)  We’ve all had a good week.  Monday, Daisy and I had our first trip out and about; to Costa in Bridgnorth. She casually took off her hat, tucked into a double chocolate muffin and was clearly oblivious to the  audience that was all around us. She has spent the week visiting new toy shops with Daddy, having fish and chips, going out for lunch (whilst I went to Burford with Sonja for a well earned 24 hours off).  She’s been shooting with Daddy today and played Twister at the Wenhams’; there’s still no sign of tiredness.  Considering we’re in the depths of the unfortunate camp, we are one of the most fortunate within it, for now.       



6 thoughts on “Good News in the Post!

  1. Hello Beautiful Girl,
    The good news is great to hear and pray they are able to do what they are currently predicting. Great to see you’ve been out and about this week Daisy, double chocolate muffin how tasty. Visiting toy shops with Daddy sounded great fun, did you find anything you liked? Love the gorgeous photo of You and Mummy. Hope Mummy had a lovely well deserved time with her friend. Who won at twister? Look forward to seeing you soon Daisy.
    I hope the monitoring of Daisy’s heart and hearing goes well next week. I will be thinking of you all.

    Take care
    Love From
    Miss Lewis

  2. Hi Daisy

    So pleased to hear the wonderfully positive news.
    It was lovely to see you on Friday, and I thought how fabulously well you are coping with all of this. It was so lovely to have had some time with you. (I did have to double check on the size of Bob after the recent picture and he really is a whopper of a guinea pig. You are obviously looking after him very well!!!) The grand tour you gave me of your new en-suite, and very comfy bed was great, which is every girls dream to have her very own bathroom. i look forward to catching up with you very soon. (i hope Daria is behaving herself too?!) Love you Lots Aunty Suz, Uncle Rob and Christian xxxx

  3. Yay yay yay – all fantastic news. From the such positive news re surgery and the pancreas (and that’s even before the next round of chemo) to the excellent news of activities within the pitt household. Goodness you are all being busy. Hope daisy was very flexible and won twister! And can’t beat a chocolate muffin. Sarah, hope you had a really good rest in Burford, Just what you needed. Zara was meant to paint daisy a picture at toddlers today but to be honest the concentration wasn’t there and the brown mess is not worth sending! Hey ho. Not an artist yet. Hope this week goes well and lots of moments of energy and activities.
    Big hug to you all x x

  4. Brilliant news for you, crossing fingers and toes that you keep doing so well and the operation comes around fast and is a complete success, you really are an inspiration and I have told so many people about you and your amazing parents.

    Keep strong and being such an amazing little girl

    Love Julia (Cameron and Leo watt’s mum) x

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