Sun 22nd

Third chemo is under our belt and Daisy’s done brilliantly again.  We had lovely visits from Urs and the girls and John and Diana which helped get us through what feels like a never ending stay. Daddy stayed overnight and managed to dress appropriately this time! More VIP visitors arrived today at home and Daisy has shown the usual natural energy and strength from within. Specially requested spare ribs and noodles on the menu for tonight – still no signs of going off her food!


4 thoughts on “Sun 22nd

  1. Hello guys, have been thinking about you all, so pleased to hear that DP has responded BRILLIANTLY again, a good sign ,Darling child, she will show you ALL, what stern stuff she is made of !!
    We hope you all Sleep well tonight , back in your own place, and its a new day tomorrow, as you move through the treatment, and out the other side, Daisys cheery pesonality( Mummy ) and her strong resolve ( Daddy ) is a powerful mix, and DP is obviously rising to the challenge .
    Thankyou for doing the message, all of us who are ” alongside ” you all, REALLY appreciate you finding the time .
    We both send love and Henry xxx

  2. Daisy, you really are amazing and an inspiration to us all, your parents must be so proud of you. Keep up the good work

    Love cameron, Leo and Julia (their mum) xx

  3. Hello Daisy, Mummy and Daddy,

    So pleased to hear you have done really well again at hospital. You are amazing Daisy. We are missing you in class 2 and look forward to seeing you back in class once you feel well enough to be in. Spare ribs and noodles for tea the other night that sounded tasted. See you soon Daisy. Say hello to Mummy and Daddy too.
    Love from
    Miss Lewis x

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