More Good News

This sounds like it’s more bad news but it really isn’t! The doctors and surgeons have decided that Daisy should have 2 more blocks of treatment before operating because the tumour has shrunk significantly after the first 2.  Images show that the tumour originates from the head of the pancreas and the good news is that the tail of the pancreas can now also be seen which means there is a possibility that Daisy will not become diabetic as a result of the operation which is what we were originally told at diagnosis.  It’s brilliant getting positive news.  Chemo starts Wednesday but that’s fine I’ll buy more DVDs for us and download every app I can find. We’re still moving forward and Daisy’s really well.


13 thoughts on “More Good News

    • I have been thinking of you all since Janis told me the intial news. I have written emails and even a card out but didnt know what to say.. I was so pleased to bump into your friend in Piccolos who gave me the details of this blog and I have been able to read myself the progress and see the photos… It is great to hear the positive news and Im so pleased I can be kept upto date now.. Love to you all and thinking of you. Hope the treatment went well x x x

  1. Great news chaps!! Really positive.
    Daisy is that Bob on your lap? He’s massive. What do you feed him on- Cleo and Hazel are looking a bit small next to Big Bob!

    See you all soon- hope Wednesday goes well.
    Love the Dockers x

  2. Great positive news. Least for the moment you know what you have to focus on. I hope the treatment goes ok this week. Look forward to seeing you all soon. Suz, Rob & Christianxxxx

  3. yay yay yay that is the most excellent news. I’m sure you feel really comfortable with the plan for chemo too which is excellent too. let me know if you do fancy visitors on friday and if so what time would suit. can do anything. Big hugs to you all and lots of love x x x

  4. Lovely piccy…., daisy looking ” Cool “, taking things in her stride, a lesson to us all , and the results sound really Impressive ,and after the next session,even better,we hope !!
    I thought that ” Furry – thing ” was a giant slipper or something, didnt realise it is that poor little Guinea-Pig who must live in fear for his skin when Alfie is around,I just hope he has never seen on the telly in his room, what Jack -Russels ” do ” when they catch something furry !!
    Love to you all xxx

  5. That’s great news!
    Are there any DVDs we can lend you?
    And if that’s your guinea pig Daisy he’s huge!!!!!

  6. Hi Daisy,

    Fantastic seeing you again this afternoon Daisy. Your cheeky sense of humour and giggling was lovely have back in the classroom. Will be thinking of you over the next few days sweetheart.
    By the way how HUGE is Bob!!!!!

    Love from
    Miss Lewis

  7. I’m so pleased that things seem to be progressing in the right direction. We think about you all every day. Daisy you are being such a trouper! When we are next back in the West Midlands we will see if it’s convenient to catch up. Do let us know if there is anything we can do. We have a large disney DVD collection – Let me know if there any you would like to borrow. Our love to you all. xxxx

  8. Sounds like things are progressing in the right direction. We are thinking about you all every day. Daisy you are being a real trouper! We have a suitably large collection of Disney DVDs so if there are any you would like to borrow do let us know. When we are next back in the West Midlands we will see if it’s convenient to catch up. Take care and keep up the good work Daisy. Our love to you all. xxxx

  9. Hi Daisy,
    Do you remember me, I’m annie? Your headscarf looks cool and your guinea pig is huge!
    Do you want to borrow any films or games?
    love from anniexxx

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