For those interested in the size of our vast rodent; he is on a diet


4 thoughts on “Bob

  1. Our Bob and Patrick are pretty big too but he is ENORMOUS!!!!! Guinea Pigs are the greediest creatures though aren’t they? Ours never stop eating. Your Bob looks lovely.

  2. Hello Daisy, John and I really enjoyed our visit to see you yesterday and I think we are definitely going to buy a Laurel and Hardy DVD, we had forgotten what good fun they are. We hope you are on your way home now from hospital. We also hope Daddy didn’t snore too much last night and you had a better nights sleep. We will come and see you again shortly. Hope your beautiful Bob is watching his figure – I don’t think I have ever see such an enormous guinea pig, we used to have two called Curly and Shirley and they were no way that big. Hopefully you will be sleeping in your own bed at home tonight and with all your lovely animals. Georgina will come and see you soon and she said look at shoes as well – I told her I asked you what flowers you would like and you said pink, which she thinks is great. Lots of love to you and mummy and daddy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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