Good News

We know that the MRI shows the tumour has shrunk significantly; it’s approximately half the size which was not predicted. Great news.  It looks likely they’ll carry on with the next block of chemotherapy next Wednesday but this won’t be confirmed until the consultants and surgeons have had their meeting on Monday.  Although Daisy’s doing amazingly well she needs a blood transfusion which she’ll have tomorrow morning and we’re hoping she’ll be well enough for friends to come for tea in the afternoon.


10 thoughts on “Good News

  1. That’s fantastic news! Really happy for you and fingers crossed for today and next week. Go Daisy! And love to you all Vic xxxxx

  2. Hi Daisy.
    Uncle Guy has told us about your blog that mommy is looking after for you. I’ve read all of mommys posts from when she started and think you are such a brave little girl. We’re so glad to hear that the treatment has been doing its job.
    Ben says Hi and hope you’re feeling well today. Hope the visit to hospital went ok today and that your friends came to tea!
    And fancy you being a flower girl later in the year!!! You’ll have a lovely day, just keep an eye on mommy and daddy and the champagne bottles!!!
    Tell mommy and daddy we’re thinking of you all and sending you all our love. Xxxxxxx

  3. Fantastic news you little fighter Daisy. Hope all went well Friday morning and that you were able to have your friends round for tea in the afternoon. Hope You, Mummy and Daddy have had a lovely weekend.
    Lots of Love
    Miss Lewis

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