Such an important day and, as ever, Daisy’s done brilliantly.  She lay still for an hour in total and the staff were suitably impressed.  We went to find Lucy our Play Specialist when we got to the hospital as we had to carefully follow the MRI plan which Lucy and Daisy created together before Christmas.  First stop was to collect all necessary equipment; fluffy dog called Rocky, crayons and books. Then we had to find the big brown bear in Radiology but unfortunately there was a sign in his place saying ‘gone for a bath, back in a bit’. Finally, we had the scan and left very happily with ANOTHER fluffy toy and a Kinder egg.  We went straight from there to see Pete at Optima who is responsible for the creation of Daisy’s new hair.  We were all very impressed by what can be done and so grateful for his time and generosity.   Daisy is proud to announce she has been asked to be a flower girl at a family wedding in March so I think this could be the first big outing looking like we used to.


5 thoughts on “MRI

  1. What a fantastically brave girl you’ve been today Daisy you are a superstar. Wow a flower girl in March you will look absolutely beautiful and I look forward to seeing lots of photographs. Another fluffy toy to add to your collection have you picked a name for your new addition.

    Love from
    Miss Lewis

  2. Daisy you are such a big, brave girl, we are so proud of you. Being a flower girl in March will be wonderful. Just think of your pretty dress you will be able to wear, you will look like a princess or maybe a flower fairy! I hope to see you soon. All our love Suz, Rob & Christian xxx

  3. Hello Girls, so glad to hear that Daisy has been SUCH a good girl at Hospital, and also thrilled to hear that you have a really nice event to look forward to in the Spring Daisy, Weddings are SUCH fun espcially for Mommys who get to drink Champagne, just to celebrate WITh the Happy couple of course, nothing to do with Rather liking it…!!
    looking forward to seeing YOU on thursday Daisy, as we seem to have a present left here from Santa, espcially for You,lots of love xxx

  4. Dear Daisy
    It was lovely to see you at school as i missed seeing when you went into class .
    I am off school today because i have got a poorly wrist (nobody knows what it is )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope to see you soon , lots of love Vicky xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. ,well done Daisy for being such a brave girl and staying so still for your mri for a whole hour!!
    Hope the big brown bear in radiology is nice and clean after his bath!!!
    Very exciting news to be a flower girl Daisy,something lovely to look forward to.
    love to you and your mommy and daddy x

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